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屈臣氏为屈臣氏集团旗下一旗舰品牌,业务遍布13个亚洲及欧洲市场,包括中国内地、中国香港、中国台湾、中国澳门、新加坡、泰国、马来西亚、菲律宾、印度尼西亚、越南、土耳其、乌克兰及俄罗斯,经营超过7,200家店铺,其中超过1,500家提供专业药房服务。屈臣氏一直致力于通过为顾客提供个性化的咨询与建议,配以傲视同侪的多元化产品种类,令顾客每天都能LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT。
有关屈臣氏集团及旗下品牌资料,详情请浏览:www.aswatson.com 。
About Watsons
Watsons is Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, currently operating over 7,200 stores and more than 1,500 pharmacies in 13 Asian and European markets, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Russian, Turkey and Ukraine. With years of experience and accomplishments, Watsons has long been outshining in the industry.
Watsons operates more than 3,600 stores in over 470 cities in Mainland China, with over 65 million members, making Watsons a well-known health & beauty retailer in China. Watsons has built its success and reputation on quality and innovation, offering enjoyable and ‘discovery’ shopping environment and great value-for-money to its customers, winning the trust of the consumers.
As a dedicated brand in the health and beauty industry, Watsons provides customers with personalized advice and counseling on top of its wide product range, making customers LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT every day. Watsons is a well-received pharmacy/drugstore brand in Asia, and in Europe, it is also a widely recognized health and beauty retailer in Ukraine. With 30 years of experience in health and beauty industry in China, Watsons is committed to providing customers and the industry with more superior, professional and quality service.
Watsons is the flagship health and beauty brand of A.S. Watson Group. Please visit www.aswatson.com for more in-depth information about A.S. Watson Group and its brands.

About A.S. Watson Group
Established in Hong Kong in 1841, A.S. Watson Group is has now become a world-renowned international health and beauty retailer in Asia and Europe with over 15,000 stores in 25 markets. Each year, over 5.3 billion customers and members shop with our 12 retail brands, both in stores and online.

A.S. Watson Group is also a member of the world-renowned multinational conglomerate CK Hutchison has five core businesses - ports and related services, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications with operations in over 50 countries.

Please visit www.aswatson.com for more in-depth information about A.S. Watson Group and its brands. You may also stay in touch with us via our digital presence (eCommerce, social media, mobile app & more); more details are at http://www.aswatson.com/our-customers/digitalasw/


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