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广州-天河区  |  无工作经验  |  招若干人  |  02-22发布

五险一金 年终奖金 周末双休


1. 负责集团.NET系统的运维及优化,包括系统设计、开发、测试,数据库开发、备份等相关工作;

2. 集团.NET平台的运维;

3. 与业务部门沟通,收集、分析系统需求进行功能设计及技术设计,并完成相应开发工作;


1. 2年以上相关工作经验(或优先应届毕业生);

2. 熟练使用C#、 ASP.NET、MS SQL programming 等.Net相关技术, WinCE开发经验优先;

3. 善于沟通,学习能力强,具有良好的团队合作精神、高度的工作责任心和敬业精神;

4. 熟练使用Java或PHP开发语言优先。

职能类别: 软件工程师

关键字: .Net 开发 工程师




I.T rides on a unique multi-brand, multi-layer business model that only proves to success: a multi-channel approach that caters specifically to well-defined groups of fashion lovers in targeted regions with distinct multi-brand stores and single-brand shops. Augmenting this diverse mix are respected brands from around the world that I.T licenses, and exclusively developed house brands.
IT, i.t, ete! and double-park are the flagship multi-brand stores, each appealing to contrasting individuals and tastes while retaining the passion that our company is renowned for. I.T shops are the home of sophisticated labels at the forefront of fashion, while i.t is the place for younger shoppers to find the best in fun, edgy casual wear. Fine footwear and accessories feature in the refined spaces of the ete! stores. At double-park, the latest in street wear and the lifestyle that encompasses it are explored in an experimental shopping environment.
Like those who shop at I.T, the team behind the company is energetic, open-minded and appreciates how fashion can form part of a modern lifestyle. Their dynamism and focus have propelled I.T into a major brand, in Hong Kong and in new markets beyond.
To cope with the business expansion of I.T, high calibre candidates are invited to fill the following position:-