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Infrastructure Specialist 基础架构主管 (职位编号:Mannings000469)


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? Provide technical support to investigate and resolve standard to complex issue in order to meet service level agreement as required by business
? Perform daily health checks, effective and timely upgrade, builds, patches for Server, Network for production, development and disaster recovery environment
? Technical system support on different operating systems such as, POS Servers, Internet and etc, network and system software product.
? Responsible for systems management, patching, deployments, troubleshooting, and performance tuning for all operating systems(Windows and Linux)
? Document all operational processes and procedures.
? Provide operational expertise and design oversight for any required infra-automated tooling necessary to fully leverage the capabilities of IT system
? Provide design consulting necessary to inform refactoring efforts to enable legacy applications to leverage the full capabilities of VM or Cloud platforms
? Identifies any gaps in any existing solutions, work with the IT Manager to identify and roadmap solutions.
? Provide accurate project estimates, while meeting project deadlines.
? Provide off-hours on-call support on a rotational basis.
? Evaluation of new products, technology and infrastructure for system review.
? Provide technical support for infrastructure management, network capacity operation, Information security and facilities services.
? Technical and IT system inventory management
? Conduct training courses for internal staff and users.
? Participate in system change management
? Participate in information security management


Equivalent in work experience with 6+ years of relevant IT work experience.
Ideal candidate will be self motivated with a strong desire to learn. Candidate should have the following:

? Proficient Windows and Linux administration skills(e.g. able to handle standard upgrades, builds and patches)
? Good understanding of networking and security concepts (e.g. install software to manage networks/firewalls/proxies, protect network environment form unauthorized access and accidental loss by implementing and enforce appropriate strategies and data security protection)
? Perform tuning to improve the efficiency and maximize the availability of network environment
? Thorough working knowledge of VMWare and VMWare suite of products/Storage/Backup Utility
? Computer technologies (e.g. Office 365, Anti-Virus)
? Mobile Devices Management(Airwatch)
? Ability to participate in simultaneous projects and prioritize effectively.
? Cloud Services/IaaS engineering experience is plus





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