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Associate Finishing Engineer 助理表面处理工程师

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广州  |  本科  |  招若干人  |  11-26发布



Finish development engineering on assigned projects from concept to complete bookshelf approval with Moen vendors and potential Moen vendors.  Help complete all project deliverables.  Provide engineering support and technical assistance to all finishing projects, both internal and external

Assist supplier quality and product development teams with problem solving and failure analysis on finishing and supply chain projects using an assortment of analytical and quality tools.  Use the quality tools for in-depth and accurate root cause determination and corrective action.

Work together with project team members to develop capable, cost effective manufacturing finishing processes concurrent to product development activities to insure robust finishes are delivered.

Interact with Marketing, Sales, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Designers, Purchasing, and suppliers to meet the specifications and needs of the customer in the development of new finishes and supply chain options for the market.  Coordinate project and test plans and timing as appropriate.

Assist in resolving multiple complex finishing problems simultaneously in a multiple team environment working cooperatively with vendor representatives while maintaining good vendor relationships and rapport.

Conduct supplier audits, appraisals and assessments of new vendors including complete reporting and recommendations.

Continuously improve processes, skills, team environment and tools necessary to achieve Moens finishing strategy

Communicate results and project plans with vendor and coordinate timing for submissions, trials and PPAP  completions.

Provide training for vendors on finish evaluations, color/cosmetics and finish performance testing.

Compile, prepare and present data for timely project status updates and technical presentations


Bachelors degree in a technical discipline (Chemistry, Physics, Engineering etc.) is required.

English skill (CET6) is required, both in oral and writing.

Intern experience with International suppliers is preferred.

Ideal candidate will be familiar in the following areas:

  1. Advanced Failure Analysis and scientific problem solving

  2. FMEA, DOE, and basic PPAP systems documentation

  3. Experience with basic finishing technologies plating, texturing, PVD and organic (liquid and powder) coating systems

  4. Interpretation of statistics related to manufacturing processes and part design

  5. Collaborative problem solving techniques

  6. Understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerance

Fluent in the use of PC and Microsoft office software.

Ability to effectively work with suppliers from different countries / cultures is preferred.

Written and verbal communication skills for dealing with multiple levels of staff, customers and suppliers.

Ability and willingness to travel up to approximately 50-75% of the time, both domestically and internationally.


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