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eXplore M/E Trainee 全球管培生-生产制造 (职位编号:储备人才)


大陆马牌轮胎(中国)有限公司 查看所有职位

合肥  |  无需经验  |  本科  |  招1人  |  07-06发布  |  英语熟练



本岗位针对拥有海外留学或海外工作背景者, 2021年1月到岗。

- Introduction to technologies and machines in PLT Plant - department rotation, a deeper introduction to plant operation, Introduction to production processes, Rubber Technologies, Material’s flow and Components

- 12 month shopfloor experience including shift work

- Manufacturing projects within the plant

- Working together with a personal mentor throughout the program

- 1/2 month in one of Continental's Marketing & Sales organizations

- General overview about the overall M&S Strategy and the tasks & responsibilities of a M&S department

- 1st hand experience by working together with direct sale in a tire shop / during customer visits

- Project based training and assignments in a group of 8 to 10 M&E, 12 to 14 R&D and 4 to 5 MF Controlling Trainees

- 2 individual assignments from field of R&D and central Manufacturing and Engineering

- 1 global business assignment (group assignment together with 1 to 4 other Trainees from M&E/R&D/MFCO

- Technical Training of Tire Technology, Tire Development and Tire Production

- Soft skill trainings: Intercultural Training, CBS Training, Teambuilding

Job Required:

-Bachelor /Master Degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Process/Engineering or Manufacturing or Science, distinctive results (above average results)

-Internships in Manufacturing, preferrably also international ones

- First working experience up to 2 years

- if Bachelor degree min. of 2 years work experience is required

- Experience through internship(s) in respective areas for 8-10 months (international internships prefered)

first project management experience desired

- Has first experience in leading a project team

- At least 2 months of International internship/study abroad/working in a muliti-cultural and international team


上班地址:高新区南岗工业园大别山路1588 号



大陆集团于1871年成立于德国汉诺威市,属世界五大汽车零部件供应商,并位列世界500强。大陆马牌轮胎(中国)有限公司于2009年9月在合肥投资建设,是大陆集团在华投资的首家轮胎制造基地, 合肥工厂乘用车胎工厂于2011年5月正式投产至今完成3期项目建设,4期启动在即;两轮轮胎工厂、研发测试中心、亚太区培训中心、自修补静音轮胎车间也陆续建成,现员工总数超过1800人。 工厂生产自动化程度很高,达到国际先进水平,随着工厂新项目:新两轮工厂,研发测试中心扩建,乘用车胎工厂4期扩建 ,公司将引进更多有志之士的加盟。

Continental AG group was founded in Hanover, Germany in 1871 and is currently one of the five largest automotive suppliers and among top 500 enterprises in the world. In September 2009, as the first manufacturing investment of Continental Tire Division in China, and an important foreign direct investment project of Anhui province, Continental Tires (China) Co. Ltd., was established.

In May,2011, PLT begins production. Since then, Hefei Plant is developed from Phase I to Phase III. And Phase IV is kicked off. Moreover, Two Wheel Plant, R&D Test Center, APAC Training Center, CSS Workshop are launched in Hefei. Till now, we have more than 1800 employees in Hefei Plant.

The factory has the high degree of the production automation which achieves the international advanced level. Along with the development of the new projects which include the new two wheels factory as well as the expansions of the research and development center and the tire factory for passenger vehicles in stage four, respectively, the company will recruit more people with lofty aspirations to join it.