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外资(非欧美)   |  500-1000人   |  建筑/建材/工程 原材料和加工



Novalis International Ltd. is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative luxury vinyl flooring. With over 25 years of experience, we have developed a diverse range of designs and products that have won numerous awards and are recognized by the industry as setting the global benchmark. Established since 1984, Novalis has grown to become a worldwide organization with sales offices and distribution partners in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

Novalis operates under the core values of quality and integrity, fostering long-term relationships with our business partners. Our success can be attributed to our focus on customer satisfaction and our commitment to produce only the highest quality flooring products.

We work closely with project managers, architects, designers, and end users to provide innovative flooring solutions for all their residential and commercial needs. Innovation is what drives us. Also we are the LEED products.

公司地址:镇江丹徒新城广园路63号 (邮编:212028)




人事行政经理 0.5-1万/月
行政专员/助理 3-5千/月
维修电工 3-5千/月
机修工 3-5千/月
工艺工程师 3-5千/月
生产经理 1-1.5万/月
人事专员 3-5千/月
行政主管 0.5-1万/月
电工学徒工 2-3千/月
机修工学徒工 2-3千/月
质量经理 0.8-1万/月
EHS工程师 3-5千/月