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上市公司   |  150-500人   |  网络游戏 互联网/电子商务


    Foshan MMOGA Limited
    佛山摩伽科技有限公司是香港摩伽科技有限公司的全资子公司,香港摩伽科技有限公司(英文名:MMOGA LIMITED), 目前是上市公司的子公司。
    Foshan MMOGA Limited is the wholly-owned subsidiary of MMOGA LIMITED,which also operates as a subsidiary of a listed company.

    MMOGA is one of the largest and most experienced B2C trading platforms for game virtual items in Europe, including copyrighted licensing and registration code of video games. MMOGA has evolved to be the European market leader at the mediation for virtual goods during the past few years especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also the Opinion Leader of the video game industry and the gaming community in Europe.

    Having the highly automated intermediate operation platform as well as Big Data transactions of massive real-time trading information, also thanks to thousands of active and loyal customers, MMOGA has developed strong brand recognition and built a good reputation in the marketplace.

    In the twenty-first century, talent is the first competitiveness of enterprises, which makes the employees the most valuable asset for companies. MMOGA now has grown in strength
with a great need for talented, positive and creative people. Furthermore, as our company attaches great importance to personnel training, we provide our employees regular learning and training events for better opportunities for self-enhancement, as well as creating platform to show their value. Moreover, by enhancing the company's position and brand image, it allows employees to have a high level of corporate honor and pride.
    MMOGA sincerely invites enthusiastic and talented people to join us and grow with us!


公司地址:佛山市禅城区季华五路万科金融广场1710-1713单元 (邮编:528000)