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UniGroup Worldwide 优移物流

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Our Story
UniGroup Worldwide is a global mobility network with more than 1,000 locations serving 180 countries across six continents, making it one of the largest owner managed relocation networks in the world. Our broad range of pre-assignment, transportation and destination services will guide transferees along every step of the journey, from beginning to end. A common voice, a consistent standard of quality and unsurpassed local knowledge set UniGroup apart, giving our customers support and peace of mind as they settle in to their new international locations.
Privately held company
Founded in 1947
Number of Vehicles Worldwide: 17,700
Warehouse Space Worldwide: 39 Million sq. ft.
Annual International Shipments: 48,000
Number of Countries Moved to Annually: 184
Would Use Again: 95%
For more than 60 years, UniGroup has provided global relocation services from its world headquarters in St. Louis and regional headquarters in Asia and Europe. Built on the heritage of Mayflower and United Van Lines, the two leading household goods moving companies in the United States, UniGroup Worldwide is proud of its rich history of global relocation services.
1920s: Mayflower and United Van Lines offer alternatives to America’s railroads for moving customers’ belongings across the country. These companies develop uniform performance standards for a rapidly emerging group of independent movers eager to join the United and Mayflower networks, and quickly gain recognition for providing safe “door-to-door” pickup and delivery.

1960s: United Van Lines International and Mayflower International form to support America’s government and military relocation activities throughout the world.

1988: UniGroup, Inc. forms, consolidating and leveraging back office support functions for all of the operating companies.

1996: UniGroup consolidates the two international operating companies to create one of the world’s largest specialized moving and freight forwarding companies, UniGroup Worldwide, Inc.

2001: UniGroup Worldwide enters a joint venture with Netherlands-based UTS International, Europe’s premier move management firm, forming UniGroup Worldwide UTS.
2007: UniGroup Worldwide acquires moving and storage facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
2011: UniGroup Worldwide opens its London service center to support the growing corporate client base in United Kingdom.
2012: UniGroup Worldwide opens an office location in Japan, strengthening our service delivery capability in the Pacific Rim.
2013: UniGroup Worldwide UTS transitions to UniGroup Worldwide, reflecting a broader mission and the addition of new services and technology solutions.
2014: UniGroup acquires London-based Sterling Relocation to expand its relocation management service offering as well as its global footprint.

We are here where you need us to be, ready to help you be more cost-effective and productive. We maintain the highest quality standards to provide seamless service around the world:

We focus

International and Domestic Household Goods Moving
General Cargo
Office Move
High Valued Articles in Fair and Exhibition
Logistics Solutions
Relocation Services

优移集团总部位于美国圣路易斯,母公司为UVL及Mayflower,于1996年合并国际部成立了UniGroup Worldwide.我们将保证以最高质量标准在全球范围内提供最优质的服务。


For more information, please visit us at www.unigroupworldwide.com

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