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杭州双英商贸有限公司是年轻的有技術志向的帯生産機能的総合性商社。同時也是成立于1947年的东京产业株式会社100%独资的菱东贸易(上海)有限公司的正式特级代理商。现主要业务是安全劳保产品(自社生产)、电力能源、环保、医疗、成套设备、一般产业、生命線、日用百货、建设建筑、铸造加工、锻造组、组立的设备以及电子产品、自动化关联设备、测定机器、工具、資材等的国内、外销售及贸易交易。现诚聘行业精英。公司办公环境优越,让员工感受到家的温暖。我们招聘的不是员工,而是合作伙伴,因为每一位加入双英的朋友将来都会是未来老板! 如果您愿意承担压力,真诚服务客户,乐意接受挑战,渴望实现自我价值,双英致力于双赢,双英就是您最好的选择!我们真诚期待您的加入!

Hangzhou Souei Trade Co., Ltd. is a young technology-oriented productive trading company,also has just started is established in 1947 Tokyo Industrial Co., Ltd. 100% owned LingDong Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. formal special agents, has a long cultural industry background. At present, the main business is the determination of power equipment, environmental protection equipment, processing equipment, forging equipment, automation equipment, all kinds of equipment, chemical machinery, useful associated equipment such as all kinds of machinery and equipment and safety supplies, tools, fixtures and other domestic and foreign sales and trading. We are looking for industry elite. The company's office environment is superior, so that employees feel the warmth of home. We are not an employee, but a partner, because every friend who joins in the future will be the boss of the future! If you are willing to bear the pressure, sincere service customers, willing to accept the challenge, eager to achieve self-worth, Souei commitment to win-win, Souei is your best choice! We sincerely look forward to your joining!

公司地址:浙江省杭州市萧山区建設一路66号華瑞中心3号楼1702室 (邮编:311201)