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R&L Product Development & Sourcing Int'l

民营公司  |  少于50人


R&L Product Development & Sourcing Int'l 为外资公司上海办事处, 较好薪资待遇及晋升空间. 公司注册地为香港, 目前在上海, 宁波,和扬州分别设立办事处, 因业务发展需要, 上海办事处需招聘新员工加入, 从业务助理/质检员为起点, 随着经验的积累和提升会提供晋升机会. 公司在美国有相应对接的仓库及销售团队, 主要从中国采购商品出口到美国等市场.

R&L Product Development & Sourcing Int'l上海办事处现招募新员工(员工社保及公积金从其合作单位上海志豪纺织服饰公司缴纳).

R&L Background- We are a direct factory manufacturing focused company that has provided a comprehensive range of China based manufacturing capabilities to US importers since 1997. Product lines have been related to plastic injection molding, glass blowing, metal stamping, wood handicrafts, and textiles.

R&L People- Our team of sourcing professionals is combined of US and local China staff that has a wide range of experience and knowledge acquired from different manufacturing projects. Our management team has over 30 years of retail management experience and over 20 years of sourcing different product categories.

R&L Structure- Our Hong Kong base office serves for documentation and logistics purposes. Our Shanghai office operates manufacturing related activities.


公司地址:闵行区浦星公路1969号红星国际广场40幢1206室 (邮编:201112)