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TI汽车集团是全球化的汽车零部件供应商, 向顾客提供完整的燃油储存和输送系统及制动管路系统产品,具有在电子油泵、多层油箱、油箱总成、多层尼龙软管、硬管和快装接头等方面的领先技术,为世界汽车工业提供全面的解决方案。 集团在六大洲28个国家拥有120多家工厂,超过25000名的员工在世界范围内为顾客提供全面的服务,已成为全球汽车行业中具有领先地位的系统供应商。 TI汽车集团于2002年在中国天津投资建设中国首家生产塑料油箱系统的独资企业—迪安汽车部件(天津)有限公司,近年来TI天津更是获得了飞速发展,业务范围不断扩大,合作伙伴也在不断增多,一汽丰田、北京奔驰、东风标致、一汽大众、长城汽车、福建戴姆勒、东风日产、广汽丰田、长安汽车也都先后成为我们的客户,生产规模、销售额及员工数量逐年增长。我们真诚期待您的加入,和我们一起与中国汽车行业共同发展。

TI Automotive is a global supplier of fully integrated fuel storage and delivery systems for cars and trucks and the leading supplier of fluid carrying systems for braking and powertrain applications to automakers worldwide. TI provides OEMs comprehensive solutions with complete fuel storage and delivery systems, from filler pipe, fuel tank, fuel pump to fuel line and fuel rail. Our global customer base includes every major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the world. And we are able to maintain these relationships by continually adapting as the automotive industry's boundaries expand across the globe. TI Tianjin plant was established in 2002 as the first foreign company which product plastic tank in China. We are expanding rapidly by setting up partnership with OEMs like BBAC, PSA , FAW, Great Wall, Toyota, VW, Nissian etc. and our production capability, sales volume and employees number increase year by year. As a global company with the history of more than one hundred years, TI has strong faith to the market in China and we will develop with China auto motive industry together by providing sophisticated technology and reliable quality.


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