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About Loong Force
Chengdu Loong Force Co. Ltd. is an interactive entertainment software company that mainly devote in developing Next-Gen PC games. We are concentrating on design outstanding stages and striving to bring the most greatest gaming experiences to players, and we pursuit to make great games that combine high quality and artistry. Loong Force emphasizes honesty、innovation and creation greatly, and people with same belief are strongly welcomed.
Members of Loong Force mainly come from many famous game companies, such as Ubisoft, Tencent, Virtuos, Gameloft, etc., and participated in development process of many 3A-level games, like “Rainbow Six”, “Assassins Creed”, “The Last of Us”and “Final Fantasy”series. With the depth development of games, people are seeking to more and more perfect gameplay and experiences. Guided by the idea of fostering a culture of entertainment, Loong Force will consistently acted on this view by creating innovative and hugely popular games that push technical and creative limits in the future.
At the present, Loong Force is developing a FPS game for steam platform which is based on Unreal4 engine, and we value domestic market greatly. The future direction of the company's development, including full-platform game development, as well as global business promotion.
Loong Force will stay true to our mission, consistently act on game innovating and creating, hope to make a breakthrough one day in the future. By keeping up with the developing trend and technological innovation of the game industry, we believe that in the future, Loong Force will build a reputation for introducing cutting-edge technology and highly memorable franchises to the video game market both in China and the global.


公司地址:高新区天华一路99号天府软件园D区,6座,1401 (邮编:610000)