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Rocket Software was founded in 1990 with an initial focus on developing and delivering software solutions to IBM mainframe customers deploying IBM DB2. Within the first five years, Rocket licensed all of its intellectual property to IBM, and all of Rocket's products were rebranded and licensed to enterprises through IBM's worldwide sales channel.

Since those early years, Rocket has expanded its software OEM business to cover a wide spectrum of enterprise infrastructure products in the areas of Business Intelligence, Storage, Networks, Terminal Emulation, Integration, Security, and Database. And in addition to IBM, Rocket has licensed its products to a number of major OEMs that include Microsoft, RSA, EMC, Nortel, Motorola, and HP.

In parallel with a significant R&D investment in developing software products, Rocket Software began a series of strategic acquisitions in 2000. As a result, Rocket now has well over 100 software products that are licensed both through OEM partners and resellers, and via direct sales through Rocket's acquired branded sales channels, such as Mainstar, Servergraph, CorVu, BlueZone, and Seagull.

Rocket values the technical skills and deep domain expertise of the employees at the companies we acquire. We endeavor to keep the teams intact and entrust them to manage and expand the product lines that they initially created. This philosophy has allowed Rocket to grow to more than 1300 employees around the world, including Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

Rocket not only provides the employees with good compensation and benefits, but also various opportunities to develop their careers. If you would like to obtain more details about Rocket, please visit http://www.rocketsoftware.com. If you would like to join us, please email to hrcn@rocketsoftware.com.

Rocket Software成立于1990年,公司成立的最初5年主要致力于为部署IBM DB2的IBM 大型机用户提供软件解决方案,并通过OEM方式由IBM的全球销售渠道授权给企业用户使用。此后,Rocket Software扩大了其软件OEM业务,涵盖了企业基础软件设施产品的多个领域,包括商业智能、存储、网络管理、终端仿真、软件集成、安全和数据库等等。除IBM外,Rocket还将产品授权给了许多重要的OEM伙伴,包括Microsoft、RSA、EMC、Nortel、Motorola、HP等。

在向软件产品研发进行大量投入的同时,Rocket Software于2000年开始了一系列的战略收购,陆续收购了TCSI、ServerGraph、ASTRAC、BlueZone、MainStar、 Arkivio、CorVu、Seagull 、U2、Aldon 等公司及产品线。目前,Rocket Software拥有100余种软件产品,这些产品既可以通过OEM合作伙伴和分销商进行销售,也可以通过Rocket Software并购的自有品牌的销售渠道进行直销。

Rocket Software非常重视被并购的公司中员工的技术能力和专长,我们努力保持其团队的完整性,并委托他们管理和扩大其最初建立的产品线。这种理念使Rocket Software成长为在全球(包括东、西欧、澳大利亚、亚洲和北美)拥有1300余名员工的企业。

Rocket Software不仅为员工提供了具有竞争力的薪资和福利,还为员工提供了各种事业发展的机会。如果您想进一步了解Rocket Software,请登录:http://www.rocketsoftware.com;如果您想成为Rocket Software大家庭的一员,请联系我们:hrcn@rocketsoftware.com。


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