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Packo Inox is part of the FullwoodPacko Group, who is owned by the United Kingdom based company R. J. Fullwood& Bland Ltd through the holding company FP Holdings. The FullwoodPacko Group unites 14 companies, worldwide, comprising 6 manufacturing plants, 2 R&D centres and 6 distribution companies. Core competences are milking and milk cooling, on the one hand and storing, cooling, heating, transporting and processing of liquids in sanitary conditions, in the food and pharmaceutical industries, on the other hand. The total turnover is over 1 billion, sold directly or via agents and distributors, in over 100 countries.
The company:
PACKO China is a 100% WOFE owned by the Belgium-British Fullwood- Packo Group. The Fullwood Packo Group is a family enterprise with worldwide 800 employees and a history of 130 years in milking technology, cooling technology and stainless steel equipment manufacturing.
PACKO is the technological leader for milk cooling systems and serves dairy farms all over the world.
In China we supply dairy farms with our well known premium products since 1992. Since 2004 we manufacture in Shanghai with at. 60 employees. Because the quality awareness in Chinese food industry is rising the demand for our high quality products in milk cooling technology is also growing strong.
Our customers are all big dairy companies such as NESTLE, Fonterra, Yili, Bright Dairy, Mengniu and many individual farmers.

公司遵循欧洲标环保企业的原则--生产零排放,按照国际EN13732标准进行设备生产,且生产部门由国外的技术部门直接管,年生产能力约4000台套牧场设备。随着公司业务范围的拓展,公司在宁夏银川等地成立了驻外办事处。 随着国家加快农业发展的相关政策的实施,公司已经有10余种型号进入国家农机补贴目录,继而与全国20多家经销商共同成长。

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