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With a headquarter based in Beijing, iBay E&T is an innovative educational consultant company that aims to provide comprehensive, personalized and value-added marketing solutions for universities, pre-schools and educational institutions.
In 2003, iBay E&T formed strategic cooperation with one of the top universities in Ireland, University College Cork (UCC) and became the UCC China office in 2005. To date, iBay E& T has facilitated UCC’s successful cooperation with more than 20 universities in China, provided over 1000 students with overseas studying opportunities, established two national-level educational cooperation projects and became the exclusive overseas training institution appointed by Beijing Municipal Education Commission for three consecutive years since 2014.
In order to further enhance the professional skills and personal development with an international vision for faculty members from universities and pre-school institutions, iBay E&T also provides them specific course training in Ireland, the UK and the United States. Since 2012, 135 university faculty members as well as 21 PhD. student have benefited from this programme. In addition, iBay E&T collaborates with Capital Normal University and Chongqing Education Commission to provide pre-school institutions with professional consultancy, marketing and policy research as well as operational advice from educational experts.
The young student intelligence development is another core business of iBay E&T, through which preparatory courses are founded between the universities in Ireland and high schools in China. The summer camp and young entrepreneur programmes have dramatically improved students’ skills and have already had over 10 years’ successful experience.
More than 90% of the iBay E&T employees possess a master degree from overseas universities, who are professional and client-centric and have extensive project management experiences. Furthermore, iBay also has its strong educational experts and is able to provide the most contemporary and innovative marketing solutions that best suit the clients.


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文案助理 6-8千/月
留学咨询顾问 0.8-1万/月