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公司90%产品从中国采购,目前LCD/LED 电视和洗衣机通过SKD的模式在中国采购,其他产品通过OEM工厂模式采购。



MIRC electronics LTD.

To think of the future, you need to think of your past.
It all began with just a vision. In the year of 1981, Mr. GL Mirchandani and Mr. Vijay Mansukhani started a company called Onida with just a goal of manufacturing television sets and going beyond convention. By the end of that year, we started assembling television sets at our factory in Andheri, Mumbai. With the passage of time, superior products and the combination of a distinctive voice, a cutting-edge advertising strategy, and purposeful marketing ensured that Onida became a household name.

Some of the innovations that surprised the world.
 After having established a reputation for being an intelligent and pioneering innovator in the application of technologies: we were the first to launch the Webcruiser TV, the world’s first built-in Internet TV which offers the benefits of a personal computer and a TV, and that too, equipped with a a modem, printer port and a cordless keyboard with it; the first to launch the ultimate in Flat TV technology with Onida Black with a high picture clarity with DVMC which ensures uniform scanning at the centre and corners of the TV screen.
Again, the Onida Twister was the first TV that turned to face the viewer; we were the first to introduce SRS technology for surround sound in Audioport. In 1999, we were the first to introduce the pure flat TV in the country. The Candy was the first instance of any brand providing a multi-coloured cabinet option to its customers.
It still wasn’t enough.
 The common perception was that we were a focused TV manufacturer. But then with a knack for spotting a gap in the market, we realised that there were undiscovered needs and wants in other categories of consumer durables as well. So we recognized latent synergies which enabled us to provide customers with a wider range of products under the ONIDA brand.
Washing Machines:
 we launched the washing machine with Hydrofall technology which addressed the need of having a more powerful cleaning system. We launched the Triomatic technology which gives the perfect hand wash; we launched a washing machine with a higher and wider vent so you don’t have to bend.
Air conditioners:
 Instant Cooling, No Waiting. We also have launched first of its kind Pre-Cool Air Conditioners wherein you can switch on your AC even if you are not at home. You just have to send an SMS and the AC is on.
With a multimedia player: The Onida Atom, a touch screen high definition multimedia player with Card Reader & USB port. It directly plays movies, music and pictures through your camcorder, camera, USB & mobiles. We also have launched the Karaoke DVD player where you can sing along with the recorded music. Whats more we have also launched the Blu Ray DVD Player which enables you play Blu Ray Media and can store upto 50 GB High Definition Video & Audio.
Microwave Ovens:
Be a multi cuisine chef at the touch of a button: Onida Black Beauty microwave comes with Indian Auto cook menu which makes cooking so simple even your husband can become a multi cusine chef at the touch of a button.
There is a first-of-its-kind LCD TV with 1000 watts of pulsating sound to rock your living room and appeal especially to the younger generation. For those who wish to upgrade to an LCD TV, we have another first - A 24 LCD TV with Full High definition at a suprisingly affordable price. Whats more! We even have LCD TVs in vibrant colours to match your decor.
What we sought to do was make every single Onida Mobile do so much more than what an ordinary cellphone does. So the moment you turn it on, you would realise that it’s fully-loaded. So many features. So many things. All of them to help you do better, enjoy better, listen better, work better or simply talk better.
We have launched a range of LED TVs offering unique propositions. We have also ensured that our range of LED TVs cuts across all the size segments, from 22 to 40 to meet the requirements of wide range of consumers.All our LED TVs are designed with Full HD capability. We have also designed the LED TVs with the unique ICare Technology so that your TV viewing is pleasurable.

Company Details pls see website: www.onida.com


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