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外资(欧美)  |  150-500人  |  机械/设备/重工


   我们在中国开展业务超过10年,成功地为中高端市场提供高质量的产品。2010年11月,我们得到新的德国投资商的支持,作为我们集团战略的重要一步,集团名称变更为SECOP,但仍然为丹佛斯重要的供应商和合作伙伴。我们新的投资商和先进的技术水平确保了我们可以注重于创造领先的压缩机技术以及为我们的客户提供智能的解决方案,我们致力于开创更好的业绩,成为行业的领军人物来创立行业标准,领导行业发展。 2017年,我们正式加入的尼得科集团,为我们未来发展的道路增加了更加光明的前进方向。
Nidec Compressors(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd, that was founded in Wuqing development area. The main products are compressor for household, mobile cooling and light commercial. This business was started in Germany in todays headquarter back in 1956 and has now grown to a 400 million Euro business with 3 additional manufacturing plants, two in Europe and one in Wuqing, China. The factory in Wuqing occupies 33000m2.
Nidec has been doing business in China for more than 10 years and has proven successful in delivering high quality products for the mid and high end market of compressors. In November 2010 we changed the company name as part of our strategy, though stays an important supplier and partner for the Danfoss Group. With our new name and a strong German owner we have secured focus on creating leading compressor technologies and supporting intelligent solutions that shape the businesses and marketplaces of our customers. We are committed to leading the industry and to delivering performance that is standard setting never just standard practice.In 2017, We joined Nidec,it added a brighter way forward for our future path of development.
As we have done for 50 years, we will continue to encourage employees to develop with the company in a learning organization. Secop still supply competitive compensation, oversea training opportunities and considerate care to employee as well. Welcome to Secop family to find your career!
Please send your resume:job-ngat@mail.nidec.com
For further information please consult our website: www.secop.com


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