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民营公司  |  50-150人  |  制药/生物工程 医疗设备/器械


广州谱恩科学仪器有限公司位于广州新经济中心天河区,毗邻中山大道是广州东西走向的最大主干道之一,交通便捷,经济繁荣。作为实验室、分析检测仪器设备及耗材试剂专业供应商,广州谱恩科学仪器有限公司产品涵盖计量仪器、实验室通用仪器、化学分析、物性测试、生化测试、工业生产过程分析与在线控制等,经营各类仪器设备、耗材零配件,试剂标准品等产品。服务于生命科学、工业、制药、政府、教育、石化、电子以及商业实验室等众多领域,与国内科研院校,检验检疫局,生物研究所,计量院,医药研究院,第三方检测机构,医院检测中心及研究中心,各大小制药厂,食品厂,化妆品厂,电子电器厂等诸多企业都有着良好和稳定的合作关系,具有较强的行业影响力和良好的客户服务意识。如果您对我们的产品感兴趣,请与我们取得联系,公司将按照您的要求及时给予合适的报价和让您满意的产品。我们真诚希望和您建立诚信,双赢的长期合作关系。 Guangzhou Puen Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd is located in Tianhe district, the new economic center of Guangzhou city. And the Zhongshan Road is nearby, which is one of the trunk roads in east-west line of Guangzhou. There are convenient transportation and economic prosperity. As a professional supplier of analysis & testing instruments, equipments and consumable reagents for laboratory, our products cover measurement, chemical analysis, physical property test, biochemical test, analysis and online control of industrial production process and other things concerned. We provide services in many areas such as life sciences, industrial, pharmaceutical, government, education, petrochemical, electronics and commercial laboratories etc. After these years of accumulation, we have had a good and stable relations of cooperation with the domestic scientific research institutions, inspection and quarantine bureaus, institute for biological studies, metrology institutes, medical research institutes, the third party inspection agencies, hospital examination center and research center, all types of pharmaceutical factories, food factories, cosmetics factories, electronic equipment factories, and many other companies, with strong industry influence and good customer service consciousness. If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will offer you a suitable quotation and satisfied products according to your requirements in time. We sincerely hope to establish in good faith and win-win long-term cooperation with you.


公司地址:天河区东圃镇车陂十五社工业园(陂东路20号)2号楼316室 (邮编:510620)