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外资(欧美)  |  50-150人  |  房地产 专业服务(咨询、人力资源、财会)

Great Job Opportunities in Shanghai
Fantastic opportunity to join a market leader for expatriate relocation services in China. Ark Relocation - Dwellworks is a American owned and managed relocation and housing agency with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Established in 2004 by a group of expatriates from the Real Estate and HR industry the company has been expanding extensively in recent years across China. Ark is now seeking exceptional talents to join their Shanghai office for various positions. We offer a great, English-speaking work environment, competitive pay with bonus and social compensation, on-going training and job development, and the opportunity to join a unique group of professionals in China. For more information please visit: www.ark-relocation.com.
Ark Properties (www.ark-shanghai.com) is seeking an enthusiastic and organized TEAM to join professionals in Shanghai. Successful candidates will need to have basic English, be organized be a team player and to work with tight deadlines. We offer good basic pay and bonuses. If you are interested please contact: Lily.chen@ark-shanghai.com
高端全外资安居服务公司---美国Dwellworks集团旗下安阁国际咨询北京有限公司 - 是一家行业内领先的全美资安居置家咨询公司,在香港,上海,北京均已设立办公室。本公司拥有15年业内工作经验,提供国际企业员工外派至中国,或者境内调任所需的一切置家服务。安阁拥有一批在房产,置家,签证,人力资源等行业经验丰富的外籍同仁,能够为各类客户展现多样性定制化服务。安阁北京分部现诚招才华出众的有识之士加盟,我们承诺在发展业务的同时也致力于为员工提供全英文工作环境,具有竞争力的薪资待遇和更大的发展空间。公司详情请登录www.ark-relocation.com.和 www.ark-shanghai.com


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