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Company Profile
Changzhou Changyi Exhibition Tent Limited Company is a professional integrated factory, which is specialized in developing and selling all kinds of large, medium and small sized outdoor tents. It located in Changzhou city, near shanghai. We mainly provide safe & high quality outdoor marquee tents size from 3m to 40m which is widely used for wedding, party, stations, exhibitions, celebration ceremonies, festivals, storage, parking places, leisure activities and more. Meanwhile, we also offer luxury pagoda and yurt for your special event. We mainly export to Finland,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Nigeria,Australian,India,Russia,Romanina,Pakistan,Japan,Maldives and so on some countries. And we all get highly speaking from domestic & oversea clients.

Development Ability
Construction designing, purchasing material, manufacture, inspection, packing and delivering, all the thing are finished by our experienced team dependently. Besides professional R&D department could help you to meet all your fantastic ideas. What you need, what we make!
We can customize individualized united with your imagination faultlessly base the customer’s request.
Producing meticulously, every item is a handicraft.

Our Principle
Customer First is our service principle;
The high quality product is guarantee of our existence;
Saving for clients is our everlasting pursuit.

Achievement and Listening
Over the last 10years, our sales amount increased by 20% every year. And we cooperated with many international events, such as Olympic games, Europe EXPO and so on. We trust we can meet all your needs as a friendly & reliable factory.
Our key working method is communication; our most paramount product is service; our work aim is cooperation and creation; our great achievement and satisfaction are contributed by the society’s high demands and approval.

联系人:高经理 联系电话:13775035432

公司官网 http://www.cnchangyi.com


公司地址:常州市武进区遥观镇 (邮编:103102)



生产工人 4-6.5千/月
电焊工 5-8千/月
车间主任 5-8千/月
销售代表 3-8千/月
外贸专员 3-8千/月
业务员 3-8千/月
外贸业务员 3-8千/月
技术总监 0.4-1万/月
内贸业务员 3-8千/月
普工 4-6.5千/月
销售专员 3-8千/月
国际贸易专员 3-8千/月
出纳会计 3-5千/月
财务专员 3-5千/月
出纳 3-4.5千/月