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Nanjing KDT Trade Co.,Ltd. specializes in medical electronics equipment sales business, the company has had long-term and good cooperation with many of the world renowned medical device manufacturers.The company's main business involves ultrasound, imaging, and high-quality supplies.
Since its establishment in 2011, KDT Trade's employees have been in the "pursuit of excellence, service eternal, constant innovation" principle, to forge ahead in order to perfect the quality of products and services to customer satisfaction, and have made remarkable achievements. Meanwhile, KDT also has trained a large number of excellent sales of the elite, the formation of a strong core team, and has a huge customer base.
With the continuous expansion of the business, KDT is constantly moving in a stronger, more professional direction, which also results in KDT's need to Welcome more industry professionals to join, to seek common development, I believe that as long as you are dedicated, professional, you will find yourself a spot at KDT.


公司地址:江苏路60号世贸中心大厦C座14楼 (邮编:210009)