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外资(非欧美)  |  50-150人  |  建筑/建材/工程


Concept-Modular is a wholly foreign-owned company with a 38,000sqm manufacturing subsidiary in Changshu and headquartered in Shanghai, China.
Our team have utilised their experience in construction, manufacturing and design to develop a unique proprietary modular building systems that can be utilised in a broad spectrum of markets. From disaster relief to 6 star hotels, the adaptability and versatility of our system enables infinite choice. In addition to our architectural product lines we produce, container conversion panel kits, bathroom and kitchen pods, and fully customised container conversions.
Our goal: to revolutionise the modular building industry through smart, environmentally friendly design and innovative, newly patented manufacturing processes and product engineering.
We have designed world-first patented systems and process, to manufacture buildings like cars, using advanced robotics and automation. Buildings are transported as large format prefabricated components or volumetric modules for rapid on-site installation. Constructed in hours or days, not weeks or months, this game changing technology will simply change the future of construction. A design-manufacture-construct solution, we focus on creating a complete built environment. Our team is design, manufacture and development focused with specific goals of achieving optimal e?iciencies with our system and process. Having established state of the art manufacturing facilities in Changshu China and engineering facilities in Shanghai, we are a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise operating under the authority and support of several Chinese regulators. Owned and managed by foreign nationals, with extensive experience in both the construction and modular manufacturing Industries, we are highly innovative and experts in advanced building production process. Our products ship globally for rapid deployment of medium to large sized construction projects.


公司地址:秋月路26号1号楼4D (邮编:201210)