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外资(欧美)  |  50-150人  |  机械/设备/重工


Tecomec is based in Reggio Emilia, the cradle of farming and industrial development, and a region renowned worldwide for its top quality technology.
 Tecomec is a company of Emak Group, which, in turn, belongs to Yama Group with over 30 companies affiliates, and represents the biggest Italian group engaged in the design, production and sale of machines for farming, gardening, and forestry applications.

Tecomec is leader in three different brands and product lines:
1) Accessories and parts for chain saws and brushcutters – Tecomec.
Tecomec has a consolidated leading role in the chain saw accessory field, especially in the products for professional use and operates in a substantially not very dynamic and sparingly competitive market.
 The line of brushcutter accessories, notwithstanding the non competitive and complex situation, represents for Tecomec prospects of high growth, due to the qualified and promising collaboration currently existing with the major producers worldwide.
2) Accessories and parts for orchard and crop spraying machines – Geoline.
Geoline is the brandname of a product line designed for the agriculture sector and it mainly includes components and accessories for spraying and fertilizer application machines.
3) Accessories and parts for industrial high pressure cleaners and washers – Mecline.
Through the brand Mecline, the Company design, produce and sell a wide range of products made for the hobby and professional cleaning applications.
 Mainly we supply the leading manufacturer in high-pressure cleaners worldwide, assuring a competent and prompt after-sales service for users with and extended, capillary distribution network, present wherever the market requires it.



公司地址:浙江省宁波市江北区长兴路158号 (邮编:315033)



来料检验员 3-4千/月
注塑巡检 4.5-6千/月
成品检验员 3-4千/月
维修工 4.5-6千/月
水测员 4-6千/月
仓库管理员 3.5-4.5千/月