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Leopard is professional international sales company that exports a wide range of Auto Maintenance Tools and Car luggage rack.It is a subsidiary of the Ningbo Bangbai Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd that since 2009. It was born to maintain its flood customers from its parent and provide much better service.

Leopard Tools Co., Ltd. started the foreign trade including import and export industry in 2015.
 As a professional export trading company, our major products lines are Engine Timing Tools, Engine Repair Tools, Body Panel Tools, Chassis Tools and Air-powered Tools,doors and windows locks,Hardware hand tools,Lock tool,Car luggage rack.

Based on our rich experiences, as present days, our products brands are exported world-wide such as
United States, Australia, Germany, France,Poland,the Netherlands,Denmark,Britain,Mexico,Dubai,Panama,Colombia and other important import and export countries.

Our goal is not only to provide our clients with most professional products, but also with superior services. If you have any special request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


公司地址:海曙区高桥镇秀丰路707号B栋3楼 (邮编:315010)



外贸专员 4-5千/月
外贸销售 4-5千/月
外贸业务员 4.5-6千/月
外销业务员 4-5千/月
外贸采购员 4-5千/月
外贸采购员 4-5千/月