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民营公司  |  150-500人  |  家居/室内设计/装潢 家具/家电/玩具/礼品





  自2011年创业以来,公司秉承董事长的经营理念“创新、开发、服务”,坚持创新驱动、质量为先,自主开发,恪守诚信经营的宗旨,建立以人为本,以满足消费者需求为导向的完美质量管理模式;以谋取员工幸福生活、员工与企业共享发展红利的经营之道。 作为中国家居用品协会的理事单位,与协会紧密互动,引领行业技术创新和高速发展,创业7年多来,公司飞速发展,凭借一贯的秉承的诚信和发展、创新理念,技术实力和产品质量,获得了业界和客户的一致认可。






Company profile:

Foshan Keyi home furnishings Co., Ltd. is an international innovative new smart home furnishing enterprise integrating design, R & D, production, sales and export trade. Located in Danzao, Foshan, the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province with rapid economic development. The company is located in the South China Sea, adjacent to Sanshui.

The company's business mainly focuses on foreign trade and domestic development, covering more than 70 countries at home and abroad. It is also the first batch of ISO certified enterprises in the industry and the only national high-tech enterprise in the industry.

Since its establishment in 2011, the company has adhered to the chairman's business philosophy of "innovation, development and service", insisted on innovation driven, quality first, independent development, abided by the tenet of good faith management, established a perfect quality management model based on people-oriented and consumer demand oriented, and sought for a happy life of employees and a way of operation in which employees and enterprises share development dividends. As the governing unit of China Household Products Association, the company has closely interacted with the association and led the industry's technological innovation and rapid development. Since its establishment for more than seven years, the company has developed rapidly. With its consistent adherence to integrity and development, innovation concept, technical strength and product quality, it has been unanimously recognized by the industry and customers.

The chairman of the board is committed to building a group company integrating home furnishing, electromechanical, equipment, finance and real estate.

In 2016, the company purchased land and built more than 40000 square meters of factory buildings. There are 12 factory buildings in the plant area, which are divided into staff dormitory, management dormitory and senior management dormitory, with complete facilities and direct elevator access. The staff dormitory isThe staff dormitory is 3 rooms, the management dormitory is 2 people (two rooms and one hall), the senior management dormitory is the single suite.

The company has a library, KTV, entertainment room, leisure room, etc. to provide supporting facilities for employees to relax themselves after work.

The company is adjacent to Dongjiang, Foshan. It only takes 3 minutes to get to the riverside. It's another good choice for employees' leisure and entertainment.

With the rapid development of the company, we are looking forward to your joining in with ambition, ideal and pursuit to create brilliant future together.


公司地址:佛山市南海区丹灶镇南沙经济联合社“江沥”地段C35地块自编1号厂房(佛山市科译家居用品有限公司) (邮编:528216)




品控专员 4.5-6千/月
人事行政专员 4.5-6千/月
统计文员 3.5-4.5千/月
仓库管理员 4-6千/月
办公室文员 3-5千/月
外贸业务助理 4.5-6千/月
采购主管 6-8千/月
前台文员 3.5-4.5千/月
外贸业务员 4-8千/月
品控专员 4.5-6千/月
外贸主管 0.6-1万/月
PMC专员 4.5-6千/月
采购 4-6千/月
总经理助理 6-8千/月
生产组长 4-5千/月
品控专员 4.5-6千/月
保安 3-4.5千/月
生产中心助理 6-8千/月
司机 4.5-6千/月
电商运营主管 0.7-1万/月
储备干部 3-4.5千/月
储备干部 3.5-5千/月