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外资(非欧美)  |  50-150人  |  汽车 机械/设备/重工


Ningbo Yili Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, with 28,000-square-meter building area in Chunxiao, Ningbo, has been devoting to the developing, design and manufacturing of shock absorbers and gas springs for automobiles for dozens of years. It is recognized as a Hi-tech enterprise with integrated business of development, manufacturing and technical support.

We have broad application range of shock absorbers for automobiles, more than 300 categories in 2 series which are for suspension system and non-suspension, safe and reliable, with long usage life. We introduce piston rods with micro crack chrome plating and double-lip seal-the latest technology to our shock absorbers. We also have extensive range of gas springs for automobiles, with more than 200 categories in 3 series used on engine hoods, trunks and seats. We are one of the first manufacturers who develop and manufacture the gas spring with a special longitudinal groove inside the pressure tube (the damping properties can be optimized to the application) and rigid lockable gas springs.

We follow the philosophy "Science and technology is the first productivity" by close cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes and close technique communication with domestic and overseas companies in the field, to improve our employees’ professional behavior and the processing equipment, and to purify the Quality Assurance System continuously. Based on our service philosophy "credibility & integrity, customer first, quality first ", our aim is chasing for the complete satisfaction of our honorable customers.




如您有意向应聘, 请将简历发到下列邮箱:office@nbyili.com,我们将在***时间联系。谢绝来电,非请勿访!


公司地址:北仑区春晓镇寻海路66号 (邮编:315800)



检验(QC) 4-5千/月
机电维修工 4.5-6千/月
仓库管理员 4.5-6千/月
业务跟单 4.5-6千/月
数控操作工 4.5-6千/月
车间主管 6-8千/月
操作工 4.5-6千/月
采购 3-4.5千/月
PMC 6-8千/月