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外资(欧美)  |  50-150人  |  机械/设备/重工

We are an internationally successful technological company with 70 years of tradition, recognized by the customers as a leading, innovation and future-oriented partner in providing solutions in the field of electric motors. We have always used the strategy of ensuring high quality and custom solutions to our clients.

We are the biggest european manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner motors for dry and wet aspiration which are used by world famous companies as PHILIPS, ELECTROLUX, Stihl, Robert Thomas, Rowenta, …

We already have our representative offices in the USA and Germany and we have been selling our products all over Europe, USA, Australia and in recent years more and more in China as well. Our production has been growing steadily over the past years due to new products on high quality level, and now we are preparing for a new step forward.

In order to be closer to our customers in China, and to be able to serve them better, we are setting up an electric motor production company in Suzhou.
To be able to reach our goal we are looking for competent employees to join us in our project.

More info about the company available on: www.domel.com


在欧洲,我们干湿两用真空吸尘器马达的***生产厂商,我们是个大世界知名家用电器生产厂家,例如:飞利浦,伊莱克斯,好运来,德国斯蒂尔 和德国托马斯的指定供应商。


为了更好的接近客户,更好地为客户服务,***化的满足客户的要求,我们在苏州工业园区设立了电子马达的生产工厂。为了能达到我们的目标,在此特诚聘各界精英加入我们的团队,和DOMEL Suzhou 一起成长。



公司地址:苏州工业园区泾茂路285号 (邮编:215021)