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外资(欧美)  |  150-500人  |  仪器仪表/工业自动化 环保


SICK AG, founded in 1946, is the world's leading sensor system and analysis instrument manufacturers, is an important technology and market leader in the field of industrial automation. At present, SICK has about 10,000 employees and its business is spread all over the world. It has excellent reputation in the three fields of factory automation, logistics automation and process automation, revenues exceed billions of euros. SICK also has more than 2,300 patents and more than 40,000 products, with branches in 88 countries and regions.
德国SICK AG集团公司成立于1946年,是全球领先的传感器和分析仪器系统制造商,是工业自动化领域的技术和市场的重要领导者。目前集团公司雇员约10000人,业务遍及全球,在工厂自动化(Factory Automation)、物流自动化(Logistics Automation)和过程自动化(Process Automation)三大领域拥有卓越的知名度和良好的口碑,营收超数十亿欧元。公司还拥有2300多项专利和40000多种产品,在88 个国家和地区拥有分支机构。

SICK MAIHAK (Beijing) Co., Ltd. established in December 2002, with an operating area of about seven thousand square meters, and its headquarters and production base in Haidian district, Beijing, in addition set up offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Urumqi, to provide high quality products, application solutions and related technical support services to China and surrounding Asian countries and regions to ensure the rapid response to customer needs.

On December 12, 2019, SICK group has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary which integrates R&D, Design and Production in Wujin national high-tech industrial park, Changzhou, Jiangsu province---Jiangsu SICK Sensor Co., Ltd. As the fourth legal entity of SICK in China, the project will invest us $6 million, and the production and inventory area will reach 10,000 square meters, laying a competitive advantage and a quick response mechanism for localized intelligent system production. As an important manufacturing center in China and the world in the future, Jiangsu SICK is an important strategic move for SICK to achieve localization, establish a foothold in China and connect the world, which also demonstrates the great confidence of SICK group in the Chinese market.
2019年12月12日,SICK 集团在江苏省常州市武进国家高新技术产业园设立了一家集研发、设计及生产为一体的全资子公司——江苏西克传感器有限公司。作为SICK在中国区第四家法人机构,该项目投资600万美元,生产及库存面积将达到10000平方米,为本地化智能系统生产奠定了竞争优势和快速响应的反应机制。作为中国及全球未来的重要生产中心,江苏西克是SICK实现本土化经营,立足中国,连接世界的一项重要战略举措,这也表明了SICK集团对中国市场无比的信心。

As a company that has won the award of "Great Place to Work" in Europe for many years, SICK firmly believe that talents are the solid stone for the development of the enterprise, and we always pay attention to the feelings of employees while providing good job opportunities. Continuously improve the working environment, ensure the welfare of employees, create diverse learning space, open channels for career development and promotion. We hope you will join us!
作为多年获得欧洲地区“***职场”(Great Place to Work)的殊荣企业,SICK始终坚信人才是企业发展的坚石,在提供良好工作机会的同时,始终注重员工的感受。不断改善工作环境,保证员工的福利,创造多样化的学习空间,开放职业发展与晋升的宽阔大路。期待你的加入!


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