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Shaanxi Jiuyuan Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in businesses integrating research, design, production, sales of products in industrial fire fighting system and special fire fighting system as well as fire maintenance, and it can provide customers with a full range of fire fighting integrated solutions, which makes it the best professional supplier of complete sets of equipment in industrial fire fighting system in the northwest of China. The main products include: temperature sensing cable, industrial explosion-proof UV flame detector, combustible, poisonous & harmful gas detection system, air sampling smoke detector, optical fiber temperature measuring system, optical fiber grating temperature measuring system, automatic fire alarm system, electric fire monitoring system, security monitoring system, large space fire monitor extinguishing system, gas fire extinguishing system, foam extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguishing system, and high, medium & low pressure water mist fire extinguishing system.
The company with advanced technical strength at home brings together a large number of professional talents of physical, electronic, mechanical, computer, engineering, and other fields, among which the key technical backbones all have more than 10 years experience in industrial fire fighting construction and design; so it can provide customers with the best solutions.
The company is not only committed to providing customers with professional solutions and the first-class products but also fully guaranteeing the products of high quality, high performance and high stability with scientific and strict internal management of enterprise as well as advanced detection equipment. The company has always been taking "advanced technology and first-class quality" as the goal of enterprise development and facilitating as well as serving the user by virtue of its own technical advantages as its responsibility. The company develops and introduces advanced technology actively, which has been applied to production practice and has been continuously providing the customers of electric power, electronics, chemical industry, rubber, coal, petroleum, military, airports, high way, aerospace, aviation, metallurgy, medicine and other industries with the most targeted and innovative solutions.
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公司地址:西安市曲江新区雁翔路3269号旺座曲江G座1202室 (邮编:710061)