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作为医药产品泡罩包装、瓶装及装盒解决方案的全球领先系统供应商,Uhlmann 为国际制药公司、仿制药制造商和合同包装商提供灵活的整体解决方案。基于创新的包装生产线、服务和数字解决方案,Uhlmann在质量、效率和可用性方面设定了标准。作为整体解决方案提供商,该公司从单一来源提供咨询、项目管理、实施和服务。
As a leading global systems supplier for the packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters, bottles, and cartons, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG provides flexible integral solutions for international pharmaceutical companies, generics manufacturers, and contract packers. On the basis of innovative packaging lines, services and digital solutions, Uhlmann sets standards in terms of quality, efficiency, and availability. As a total solution provider, the company offers consultation, project management, implementation, and services from a single source.

Uhlmann was established in 1948, the headquarter is located in Laupheim in the Swabian region of Southern Germany. As a global player the company operates worldwide. The Uhlmann Group has 19 subsidiaries and 14 of them thereof overseas. Over 2,500 members of staff do their utmost to optimize your pharmaceutical processes day in, day out.
Since 2006 Uhlmann has been represented in China by its own sales and service company in Shanghai. In 2012 a branch office in Beijing was opened. The local Uhlmann experts are responsible for support in all issues concerning the pharmaceutical packaging process in China. Our project engineering team which is consisting of German experts and the customer support team have more than 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical packaging industry. By the end of 2016, more than 500 Uhlmann lines have been installed in China. Whether the project planning of new machines, the supply of tools and spare parts or support services such as operator and maintenance training or improving your OEE - we are at your disposal.
We have a spare parts stock in our Shanghai location and parts can sent out within 24 hours throughout China upon the receipt of confirmation of customer’s orders. Our specialized Customer Support Team provide customers with 24 hours * 7 days stand-by service via telephone hotline. If
necessary remote services are also available in order to provide a fast and efficient check of your packaging lines.
Uhlmann has been a trendsetter for pharmaceutical packaging for almost 70 years. Our product and service portfolio focuses on the pharmaceutical industry. On this basis, we establish systems and support services which are most suitable for the customer. Strong, open-minded, and reliable - these three attributes are what our customers, partners and employees value in us.


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