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外资(欧美)  |  少于50人  |  家居/室内设计/装潢


CIDA has an exceptional combination of expertise in architecture and interior design. We have experience in the design and management of projects across the world and have worked for many international clients. In addition to our overall experience we have particular expertise in Hospitality Architecture and Interior design.

We have thorough detailed knowledge of the property markets, building technology, energy, space planning and interior design, and en-sure that our clients achieve effective, efficient, commercially viable buildings that are successful environments in which to work.

We’re constantly investing in technology, use state-of-the-art, fully integrated CAD technology and implement quality control procedures through all stages of design.

Our 3D Imaging department provides 3D modeling, visual walk-through, and computer generated videos so that clients can explore design concepts in greater depths.

Our presentation media includes drawings, sketches, perspectives, renderings, colour, material boards, photographs.

Every CIDA product begins with specific, clearly defined aesthetic, marketing and budgetary goals. Our reputation rests on the single most important test of achieving these goals: our clients’ success in the marketplace.

CIDA remains actively involved throughout the project and will always be immediately accessible. Our Architectural and Interior Design projects are managed by a renowned expert who has had extensive experience in the design and management of projects world wide.

Our approach ensures efficient and awe inspiring results.

CIDA 具有业内少有的融建筑整体和室内设计于一体的专业经验。我们的设计和项目管理服务遍布全球, 曾为众多国际知名客户提供过优质服务。除了杰出的综合能力外,我们在酒店行业的建筑和室内设计这个特殊领域尤其擅长。








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