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上海-黄浦区 3-7万/月



外资(欧美)   |  1000-5000人   |  娱乐/休闲/体育

无工作经验 招1人 05-16发布


? Develop concepts for new games that leverage Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars brands across major platforms such as mobile, PC, console, and AR/VR.
? Develop detailed, forward thinking strategies for new content & game feature implementation, in game events etc. in order to keep the service fresh & maximize product lifespan.
? Drive game production and ensure the delivery of a high quality product on time and within budget.
? Work with the creative center of production team. Communicate the title vision to the development team, and help ensure the product leverages the ideas and resources of the larger organization.
? Provide ongoing project management, programming and operation of in-game events, content releases, and new functionality in order to sustain product popularity post launch.
? As part of daily operations, follow closely all relevant KPIs in order to insure the game’s financial success (DAUs, Retention Rates, ARPPU, ARPDAU, Conversion Rates etc.)
? Ensure contingency plans are in place & and ensure effective risk management. Understand and communicate issues facing various types of game play, artistic and technical considerations, and the ability to forecast the ramifications of decisions made during the concept/pre-production phase.
? Be a great team player, this includes sharing people resources and ideas with your peer teams.


Qualifications & Experience:

? Bachelor Degree and above.
? Minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Producer, able to manage large teams in the video/online/mobile game industry (Software Engineers, Artists, Designers, Audio Specialists, Project Managers, Associate Producers etc.).
? 3 years’ experience developing and executing game project management.
? Excellent written and verbal Chinese & English communication skills.
? Ability to know what types of products will sell and what won't sell and be able to assess the feasibility of producing a new product.
? Successful track record in the development of high profile entertainment and software products.
? Deep knowledge about China gaming markets; knowledge of the software/game market and platforms.

Other Requirements:

? Self-motivating, ability to deal with ambiguous and fast-paced working environment, and to work through challenging, multiple deadlines.
? Strong team player with solid work ethic; willingness to learn and take on new tasks.
? Results oriented, take responsibilities and desire to win.

职能类别: 产品经理/主管 产品总监


上班地址:One Corporate Avenue, 222 Hu Bin Road, Shanghai



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