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Lead Designer

上海 1.5-3.5万/月



外资(欧美)   |  1000-5000人   |  娱乐/休闲/体育

无工作经验 本科 招1人 05-16发布


Title Description

Our ideal candidates greet the ever-changing consumer electronics landscape as a sense of inspiration that fuels curiosity and opportunity. They must possess the ability to craft high level creative that’s on trend across multiple styles, interest and disciplines. As well as being able to articulate their design choices to both creatives and management while proactively contributing to projects from concept to production.
We’re looking for candidates interested in elevating visuals & inspiring others. Creatives that look at design as an opportunity to connect audiences with the products they want and love.

Key Responsibilities

? Understand the consumer electronics market and assist in the home industry
? Team up with the global creative team to inspire outward thinking
? Work closely with licensees, category managers and directors in developing new product lines
? liaise within Disney to make products a reality
? Propose product line improvements to licensees
? Supervise Disney characters and design usage in consumer electronic products, home products and appliances
? Approve licensees so as to ensure Disney’s standards are upheld
? Consult with existing and prospective licensees on quality concepts and designs and
? Research and develop strategic sales pitches to licensees in order to create high revenue products
? Revise the Disney character usage manual and product approval procedures
? Recruit and train freelance character artists, designers and sculptors
? Understand local market and develop a fitting style guide
? Collaborate with various internal divisions to drive project success
? Administer creative direction to improve licensees' product designs and support business growth
? Perform any and all other duties assigned from management
? Mentor talented members of your team

? Basic Qualifications

? Fluent in English and Mandarin
? Bachelor degree or Equivalent Work experience
? 5~8 years of relevant work experience
? Demonstrated ability to communicate complex concepts clearly across different audiences and varying levels of the organization.
? Experience working collaboratively with other product managers in a variety of settings
? Effective interpersonal, communication, negotiation, analytical and collaboration
? A portfolio showcasing ability in graphic and industrial design skills
? International experience and ability to adapt to different cultures required.

Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D software, WACOM Pad
Presentation Skills in PowerPoint or Keynote

职能类别: 工业/产品设计






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