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Digital Imaging Technician (图片后期修图师)


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Amazon Product Imaging builds the world's best online shopping experience through photography, video, graphic design, and usability design enabling millions of customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Imaging at Amazon is a large and fast-growing network of teams located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, focusing on fashion and product photography, photo retouching, graphic design, video and CGI production, automated image acquisition, and image support services. We are continually innovating and setting new industry standards for showcasing 10s of millions of products across multiple global marketplaces. We are obsessed with innovating on behalf of our customers, and continually push beyond the boundaries of traditional e-commerce photography and videography. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright and driven people. Amazon is one of the most recognizable brand names in the world and we distribute millions of products each year to our loyal customers.


 We are looking for a Digital Imaging Technician for our CN SHA2 photo studio.


 Within our studio, which produces hundreds of images per day, your responsibility will be the overseeing and optimization of our imaging workflow. This entails the flow of still images and also video files. In collaboration with our photographers, air director, imaging associate, prepper team, internal marketing team, DIS team and external Amazon sellers you will ensure an error free workflow. Successful candidates will be self-starters, strong communicators, very detail-oriented, and have a passion for photography and retouching. Problem solving is in the core of this position.


 Experience and Attributes:

 · Cataloging, naming, cropping, color managing, and, when necessary, doing creative and professional retouching of a high volume of image assets under tight deadlines

 · Ensuring visual consistency of image assets from set to set, and day to day

 · Helping to design and build the virtual-studio capture station network and long-term storage architecture, and then running it on a daily basis

 · Utilizing appropriate digital asset management techniques to track items between photography bays, remote staff, and DIS retouchers

 · Coordinating with photographers and creative department to identify existing process bottlenecks and highest priority improvement points

 · Coordinating improvement with DIS retouching teams

 · Staying current with updates to imaging technology

 · A background in media communication, post production or photography is mandatory

 · Proactive problem solving, both technically and creatively, with constant attention to process improvement

 · Striving for a superb customer experience and attention to detail

 · Ability to work independent of others

 · Ability to multi-task in and adapt well to a fast-paced environment with changing circumstances, direction, and business approach




· 2+ years of digital studio photography, post production or media asset management.

 · Excellent written and oral communication in English

 · Proficient in MS Office programs

 · Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Capture One Pro

 · Proficient on both the Macintosh (OSX) and PC computing platforms

 · Scripting capability




· Experience with bridge, lightroom, FTP Clients

 · Understanding of color management policies and best practice

 · Unix, VBA and SQL skills are plus

职能类别: 摄影师/摄像师




About Amazon China

Amazon entered China in 2004. Striving to be the earth’s most customer-centric company, Amazon China keeps innovating for China customers to better meet their demands. Now it has set four strategic business focuses, including cross-border e-commerce powered by Amazon Global Store and Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Reading which includes books, kindle devices and e-books, plus Amazon logistics operations, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Amazon China’s vision for cross-border e-commerce is that customers in China can purchase any product they want from the world through Amazon China; any business in China can export to worldwide through Amazon, and build their brands globally.
Leveraging the unique advantages of global vendor resources and logistic network, Amazon China today already hosts the largest international brands and products among online retailers in China and is becoming the trusted destination for Chinese consumers to shop authentic international products. Launched in 2014, Amazon Global Store (AGS) is the first localized global store and the first multi-arc global store globally that now offers millions of selection across 30 categories directly from Amazon.com, Amazon.uk and Amazon.jp and delivers the products from Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the US, Europe and Japan all the way to Chinese customers through Amazon global logistic network, while providing a local shopping experience in Z.cn, including single log-in, one shopping cart, local payment and China based customer service. Amazon Prime was launched in China in Oct. 2016, which is the first-ever membership program offering unlimited free cross-border shipping with Amazon Global Store and no minimum, unlimited free domestic shipping in China.
Amazon Global Selling is a thriving channel for all sized Chinese sellers looking forward to exporting, selling their products and building their brands globally. Through Amazon Global Selling, tens of thousands of China-based sellers can now sell to consumers on Amazon marketplaces in 9 overseas countries, including the U.S., Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan and Mexico; and businesses in US and Europe.
Amazon Reading aims at providing Chinese customers a superior reading experience and igniting their passion for reading. Amazon entered China in 2004 selling books, today it has become one of the most favorite online book stores in the country. Amazon China launched its eBook store in December, 2012. Since then, Amazon has brought its full Kindle product portfolio, as well as Kindle Unlimited, to China, and cooperated with over 660 Chinese publishers and book importers to offer more than 420,000 e-titles to Chinese readers.
Amazon has built a comprehensive logistics network in China with 13 fulfillment centers offering same day and next day delivery in +1,400 cities and regions. Amazon China is also leveraging global logistics capabilities to provide Chinese consumers with a superior cross-border delivery experience when shopping with Amazon Global Store and support China-based sellers to export their products overseas.
The Amazon Web Services have been available to a select group of customers under “Limited Preview” since 2014. Beginning August 1st, 2016, Sinnet operates and delivers AWS Cloud services. This new partnership is specifically designed for the Beijing Region and represents a further example of AWS’s commitment to making our best-in-class cloud service available to customers wishing to run workloads from datacenters in China. The AWS Beijing Region consists of two separate Availability Zones and is one of 13 globally available AWS Regions.