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海斯坦普汽车组件(昆山)有限公司隶属于一家欧洲集团公司,总部设在西班牙。主要经营钢结构和汽车组件两大服务业务,全球雇员达18,000人。该集团遍布欧洲、美洲、亚洲17个国家,世界范围内有56个生产中心,13个自动化工程研发中心,欧洲区域33个工厂,巴西和阿根廷5个工厂,美国和墨西哥5个工厂,波兰和匈牙利2个工厂,亚洲有4家工厂。亚太区总部设在上海,工厂设在沿沪昆产业带上,占地150亩, 员工规模将达到500人左右。
海斯坦普在技术、价格、质量和服务上备受客户信赖,同时对客户做出了安全、品质和服务三方面的承诺。海斯坦普的宗旨是“成为客户心目中的A级供应商”。 为了满足市场竞争与企业发展的需要,公司在不断扩大生产面积,并逐步启动各项机制,提高产能。 竭诚欢迎想展示和发展自己的有识之士的加入,公司将会提供优质的工作环境和丰厚的福利待遇使个人发展前景得以实现。

Gestamp Auto Components (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. belongs to a European company, based in Spain, mainly engaged in steel and auto components business, over 18,000 employees worldwide. The` group spreads 17 countries throughout Europe, America and Asia, with 56 production centers, 13 automation engineering R & D centers. There are 33 factories in Europe region, 5 factories in Brazil and Argentina, 5 factories in United States and Mexico, 2 factories in Poland and Hungary and 4 factories in Asia. Asia-Pacific headquarters is in Shanghai. Kunshan plant is located in the industrial belt along Shanghai which covers an area of ??25 acres, with employees around 500 in the near future.
Gestamp Automocion provides OEM customers with automotive metal parts and chassis parts as part of its wide range of technical fields. In research and development, Gestamp Automocion pays constant attention on the reduction of body weight and increase safety and makes their products competitive in the market. At present, key automotive components made in Kunshan Plant are: A Pillar assembly, B pillar assembly, floor reinforcements, bumpers, engine hanging rack, rocker panels with steel as raw material. Kunshan Plant has become a strategic supplier for well-known vehicle manufacturers in China, such as Shanghai VW, FAW, Shanghai GM, BBDC, DPCA and Brilliance BMW since Kunshan Plant began to mass produce in 2007.
Gestamp Automocion is worthy of great trust by customers in technology, price, quality and service; meanwhile, aiming at "to be A Level supplier for customers", Gestamp Automocion makes commitments in three areas----safety, quality and service.
In order to meet the competition of the market and the development of the enterprise, Gestamp continues to expand production area and gradually start and raise productivity. Welcome those who want to show and develop their own talent to join us, Gestamp will provide excellent working environment and benefits to realize your prospects for personal development.