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You need to—— (你需要做的是——)

Support manager to finish the search assignments, and following is the detailed responsibilities:

  1. Understand the assignments and make out search direction under the line manager’s guidance
  2. Collect the targeted company's information the collection, classification, sorting of candidates' data, do preliminary screening of the resume
  3. Approach and judge candidates
  4. Analysis and study the needs of department, support consultants to finish the job
  5. Coordinate the candidate’s interview, follow up the progress and feedback in time
  6. Develop and maintain the relationship with the candidates
  7. Market knowledge collection, analyze and summarize

We expect you——(我们期待的你——)

  1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, have great passion for sale, willing to have long-term development in the field of recruitment(全日制本科及以上学历,热爱销售,愿意在销售领域长期发展)
  2. If you are a graduate with “sales potential” and hard work, even if it is college education we can accept(如果你是一个有销售潜质并且努力工作的应届毕业生,大专学历也可考虑)
  3. Good teamwork awareness, passion, able to withstand greater work pressure, with a high degree of responsibility (良好的团队协作意识,有激情,能够承受较大的工作压力,具有高度的责任感)
  4. Strong written and oral expression ability, Positive working attitude (有较强的文字和口头表达能力,工作积极主动)
  5. Strong analysis and judgment ability, learning and strong adaptability (较强的分析和判断力,学习、适应能力)
  6. Desire to gain more industry knowledge and meet more candidates, with experience in the semiconductor and Internet industries preferred(渴望获取更多的行业知识以及认识更多的候选人, 有半导体和互联网行业相关经验者优先考虑)
  7. Good oral and written English(良好的英语基础)

We will provide you——(我们给你提供——)

  1. Welfare:Commission + bonus + paid annual leave+ Accumulation fund of social security+Supplementary medical insurance+Physical Examination (福利:竞争力提成+年终奖金+带薪年假+社保公积金+补充医疗保险+体检)
  2. Working time: 5 working days per week, other holidays according to the national legal execution, flexible working time(工作时间:做五休二,其他节假日按照国家法定执行,采取弹性工作制)
  3. Working environment: Relaxing and harmonious working atmosphere(工作环境: 轻松和谐的工作氛围)





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