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Nanjing Innovation Center For Environmental Protection Industry Co.,Ltd.
Nanjing Innovation Center For Environmental Protection Industry Co.,Ltd.(here in after referred to as ICEPI) is located at Nanjing University of National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Demonstration Jiangning Base.It is in the golden axis of Nanjing South Railway Station and Lukou International Airport.ICEPI is a provincial new research & development institution and strategic emerging industry of production, learning, research, practical application and key established by National priorities innovation team from Nanjing University, Jiangning Development Zone Management Committee,etc. ICEPI is the industrial base of national key laboratory, national engineering center, major national water projects, and Jiangsu industrial technology water research institute. ICEPI possessed engineering general contracting, engineering consulting, CMA, GLP and other qualifications. With the concept of open sharing and win-win cooperation, the center has led nearly 30 dominant industries to form the organic chemical industrial base and technological innovation strategic alliance of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
ICEPI focused on the needs of industrial wastewater depth purification and utilization,has formed NDMP series new products and equipment with decolorizing, denitrification function, which reached the international advanced level and were listed as the national water-saving and pollution promotion technology. In view of key river basins such as Yangtze river, Yellow river,the Huai river and the Tai lake, the technical service has radiated to more than 10 provinces and cities, such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang,and Chongqing; the technology has successful applied to chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, paper-making industries and leading enterprises, such as Sinopec Group, China national chemical corp, Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group,Lianfa textile,Shengda Group.Core technical team possessed more than ten national invention patents, five PCT international patents, three authorized patents in the United States, two high-tech products, and won two Second Prize of National Science and Technology Awards, two China Excellent Patent Award.


公司地址:江宁区将军大道37号翠屏科创园3号楼 (邮编:211106)




1年经验 | 硕士 | 招2人 南京-江宁区 0.8-1.2万/月 02-20


1年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 南京-江宁区 0.5-1.5万/月 02-20


1年经验 | 硕士 | 招2人 南京-江宁区 0.8-1.2万/月 02-20


无工作经验 | 硕士 | 招2人 南京-江宁区 0.6-1万/月 02-20
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