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Mechanical Engineer (职位编号:Jinshan 003)


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上海-金山区  |  5-7年经验  |  本科  |  招1人  |  04-09发布  |  英语熟练  |  过程装备与控制工程 机械工程及自动化


Position: Mechanical Engineer

Report to: Maintenance Leader

Location: FMC Jinshan Site

Key Responsibility:

  1. Ensure all site facility running safely and smoothly in mechanicals

  2. Be responsible for the special equipment management in compliance with the government standard and Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) requirement.

  3. Set up the site maintenance plan and schedule during turnaround (TAR).

  4. Support the maintenance planner to set up MRO database and maintenance plan in SAP system.

  5. Provide field trouble shooting in manufactures/utilities and technical input/solutions to the mechanics

  6. Interface with equipment suppliers to resolve mechanical issues in production

  7. strictly follow PSM requirements in maintenance and implement of the asset integrity

  8. Be the leader of the minor capital project (MCN)

  9. Be willing to learn SAP system in maintenance and implement SAP system in maintenance if needed

Skill and Knowledge Required:

1. Bachelor's degree or above with major in mechanical engineering

2. Above 5 years experience and a good general knowledge of manufacturer site are required

3. Knowledgeable to the centrifuge/ conical dryer/ vacuum pump/ agitator/ centrifuge chemical pump. Familiar with the pipe code and static equipment maintenance.

4. Hands-on experience in mechanical engineering is a plus

5. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills so as to interface with resources to accomplish the tasks for this position

6. Good team player, self motivated, with good ownership and influencing skill

7. Good verbal and written communication capability in English

8. Living in the nearby areas of SCIP is plus.

9. Welcome to apply