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外资(欧美)  |  150-500人  |  汽车及零配件 机械/设备/重工

诺马(中国) 有限公司隶属于德国诺马集团。诺马集团是由全球知名的ABA,NORMA 以及Breeze 三大集团合并后而形成。在2009年又收购美国R.G.RAY集团。诺马集团的优势在于提供连接及固定技术类产品以及流体系统总成类产品。集团在工程连接技术领域不断创造新的标准并为客户提供理想的解决方案。如今,集团的产品种类已超过35,000 种。我们的产品能够满足您在技术更新、质量保障以及节省费用三方面的要求。诺马集团的工厂及销售公司现已遍布全球。
诺马(中国)有限公司成立于2008年7月,座落于美丽的海滨城市青岛.公司占地面积近10,000 平方米.是专业生产金属和非金属连接系统的制造商,主要产品为汽车用塑料管路系统、金属连接紧固产品等,如塑料管路、塑料快速接头、金属卡箍、涡轮增压器带槽卡箍等。公司主要客户为国内各大知名汽车厂、各工程机械制造商和相关零部件供应商。 同时集团还生产石油石化,造船行业所用的管路连接产品,为上述领域提供更简单,经济的连接技术。
公司自成立之日起,就致力于加强各项管理,提高产品质量和服务,走质量效益型道路,并于2010 年导入ISO/TS16949 质量体系。
公司近些年不断加大对研发方面的投入,生产出的产品具有高技术、高质量、环保性能好的特点。集团不仅对于中国工厂生产的产品从环保和质量方面有严格的审核和监管程序,而且对于整个生产过程和生产环境也有着严格的控制。尽管工厂坐落于中国, 全部生产及环保管理均按照德国标准执行。我们提供给您的不仅是高质量的产品,也是欧洲最先进的技术。

NORMA China Co., Ltd. Belongs to NORMA Group, Germany. NORMA Group came from the well known ABA ,NORMA and Breeze groups. It merged R.G.Ray Group in 2009.The advantage of NORMA Group shows on providing connection and fix products or fluid system products. We create new standard and provide ideal solutions for customers in Engineering Joint Technology area constantly. Nowadays, there are more than 35,000 kinds of products in NORMA Group. Our products will meet your requirements regarding technology innovation, quality warrantee and cost saving. You can find our factories or branch offices around the world.
NORMA China Co., Ltd. Was found in July 2008, locates in the beautiful costal city Qingdao with around 10,000 square meters. We are the professional manufacture of metal and none-metal connecting system., such as plastic tubes, plastic quick connectors, metal clamps, v-clamp for Turbo Charger. Our main customers are OEMs in automotive industry or IOEMs in engineering machine industry, and relevant spare parts producers. Group also manufactures connectors for pipes in petroleum, chemical and ship building industries. These products are more time saving and more economic choice for you.
Due to the rapid industry development in China, our new Changzhou factory has started the manufacture, concentrating on metal pressed joining products.
We have been concentrating on management for all aspects, improvements of quality and service from beginning. In year 2010, we were approved by ISO/TS 16949.
We invest more and more on development and research in recent years. the products are produced with high-tech, good quality, environment protection. Our group not only carries on very strict audit and supervision procedures on all the products manufactured in China, but also has strict controls on the whole production procedure and environment. Even the factory locates in China, all the manufacture and environment managements cope with German standard. What we provide you is not only high quality products but also the latest European technology.


公司地址:山东省青岛市株洲路 (邮编:266001)





本科 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15

Quality Engineer- 质量工程师

5-7年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15

IT Support Engineer

无工作经验 | 本科 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15


无工作经验 | 中专 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15


2年经验 | 中专 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15


8-9年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15


无工作经验 | 本科 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15

Product Design Engineer

2年经验 | 硕士 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15

Project Manager 项目经理

5-7年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15

Accountant 会计

2年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 青岛-崂山区 01-15
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