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青岛 飞机维修机械师

Field Service Representative 普惠艾特航空制造(成都)有限公司 青岛 30-50万/年 06-20


1.) This position is for providing on-site support for Pratt & Whitney customers in China to provide comprehensive technical and operational program support to improve and sustain the customer’s satisfaction with the maintenance and operation of Pratt & Whitney engines2.) Work closely with the customers to assist on all areas related to the successful operation of Pratt & Whitney’s engines within their fleet. This will include technical support on answering the customer’s questions and anticipating and reacting to engine related issues as they develop in consultation with various departments with PW.3.) Work and develop rapport with East Hartford customer support functional groups to promote timely and adequate responses to meet the customer’s needs.4.) Establish and maintain close working relationship with airline key personnel including senior management, department heads, engineering and other departments. Initiate discovery and creative exploration of customer’s perceptions and operating knowledge of our products.5.) Monitor daily status and ensure timely reporting on engine removals, work stoppages. IFSD’s surge events, aircraft on ground, spare engine and parts availability and competitive equipment activities per the handbook of field procedures. Prepare periodic reports on all phases of customer’s activity, including statistical engine data, action taken to assist the customer and significant information relative to the performance, durability or maintenance of Pratt & Whitney engines.6.) Keep appraised of new products, product improvement programs (including engine modifications and conversions) that will improve performance and reliability and reduce maintenance and operating costs; advise customers of the benefits and encourage participation in such programs. Recommend the establishment of support teams from East Hartford to conduct training, shop audits, facility studies, mini conferences and line riding to enhance Pratt & Whitney presence and support.7.) Actively communicate and work to resolve customer issues with your      Pratt & Whitney counterpart at your operators overhaul agency.8.) Identify new business opportunities resulting from customer interaction / relationship and support CFT and GSP sales team’s sales initiative.9.) Develop a working environment, which emphasizes mutual trust and respect with each of your co-workers. Help create a team spirit through open communication with co-workers, affording each person on your team a full opportunity to effectively contribute to the fulfillment of both personal and organizational goals.  This assignment will provide the successful candidate with exposure toV2500 and PW4000 engine models relative to operations, maintenance and overhaul at key customers in China, as well as position for future growth in the region of the GTF family.  The successful candidate will devote as much time as necessary assisting the customer in the resolutions of problems. It may be necessary to work nights rather than days, weekends and in emergencies, more than 40 hours per week.* If you are interested in this position, please send your English resume to: Jennifer.Hinrichs@pw.utc.com, with the subject: “Application for PW FSR CHINA”.




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