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OE Cured Tire Designer


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Define the cured model (external and internal geometry, materials, etc ...) while respecting design rules (safety and security, norms and standards, etc...) and applying MDW best practices.
Define and utilize a quality test plan.  Complete performance + CRI synthesis, and analyze the results compared to the CdC.
Understand, analyze, and challenge, if necessary, the needs and CdCs of customers (external or internal, OE, ...)
Analyze the technical problem posed (employing state of the art, library/documentation, etc...).  Choose the tools best suited to the problem.
Organize and ensure that a design quality plan is validated.
Establish the planning for a project (Gantt, etc...).  Negotiate and secure the necessary resources for the project.
Execute technical reviews of the project with the appropriate people (technical referent, Project Owner, Technical Director, DPR, etc…)
Participate in cooperative work sessions (design events, design to cost, ...).


English fluent (good level needed), French is also a must-have to allow for quick evolution and tire tire school training in France.
Some technical back ground is a positive asset
Comfortable with Excel and data base management, pivot table, complex file.
Ability to work in a multicultural environment (Chinese/French/japanese/korean/Thais..) and with a multi zone team (China/France/Japan..)


Degree in technical area. Experience in tires industry is a plus (quality). Evolutive post according to potential in a 2/3 yr horizon. A N level can be proposed as starting point waiting for tire designer training.

职能类别: 技术研发工程师





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MICHELIN Group, one of the top Fortune 500 companies, is the world leader in tire technology and innovation. Michelin has established more than 68 factories worldwide with 112,300 employees and contributes to economic and social activity in 170 countries. With its fast business growth in China, Michelin has established 2 WOFEs in Shenyang and Shanghai, a JV, a Research & Development Centre and head office in Shanghai as well as a representative office in Hongkong since 1988. In Taiwan, Michelin Group established Michelin Tire Taiwan Co., Ltd. Till now, we count approximately 6800 employees in P.R.C. The fast developing business creates more exciting job opportunities for highly committed and career-oriented talents to join our team in China.
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