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1) EPO - as EPO is input the system by store level, so more store will need to input more time. 

2) order delivery - RFS with supply chain. Also by store level and need double form for inbound and outbound. 

3) e-claim for decor and travel for GC staff. 

4) capacity calculation for new stores as they come up as well as the master store list up date for GC region on a monthly basis. 

5) travel request for GC team

6) monthly recap combination for GC region

7) additional needs that Joey & CK may need from time to time 

-English is mandatory 

-SH based







Ralph Lauren began his design career in 1967 with an innovative wide-tie collection that launched the “wide-tie revolution” and marked the beginning of the Polo label. For over 40 years, Ralph Lauren has expanded and refined his vision into collections for men, women, children, fragrances and the home, taking inspiration from the most captivating aspects of the world around him.

From the golden age of Hollywood glamour and the breathtaking American landscape to sleek vintage automobiles and the equestrian athleticism of polo, Ralph Lauren’s internationally heralded collections are found in ranch homes and urban penthouses, runways and red carpets, all around the world. Offering iconic style that is always fresh and modern but ultimately timeless and functional, Ralph Lauren designs for the way people live, paying homage to tradition but never bound by it.

Ralph Lauren stepped into China more than 10 years by licensed stores, and opened direct-owned stores from Y2010. Ralph Lauren has an aggressive new store opening plan in China, and will establish the free-standing stores in Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Beijing etc., with premium product lines, covering timepieces, fine jewelry, accessories and apparel.

For more information, please visit www.RalphLauren.com.