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LRNS - HR Administrator


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上海-黄浦区  |  在校生/应届生  |  本科  |  招若干人  |  04-09发布  |  英语熟练



Key Responsibilities: 
1. HR System   
  • Maintain and update data in SuccessFactor accurately and in a timely manner; Answer and resolve issues as Success Factor super user                    
  • Work with the region in the Step-Up related projects to make sure that the system is well implemented in China in communication, training and implementation of the system   
  •  Provide coaching and training to other team members in terms of the system 
2 Reports   
  • Maintain and update regular reports accurately and in a timely manner; 
  • Review & analyse data to provide management information/statistics, including the identification and reporting of process failures, to support the overall delivery of processes.                    
  • Maintain the monthly payroll information and provide to the Payroll. 
3 Local Hired Foreigners   
  • Support issues with local hired foreigners, answer questions from them according to the company policies and procedures.                    
  • Participate in policy/benefit reviews and assist in implementation of policy and benefit changes for local hired foreigners across China.                    
  • Maintain the pooling of LR pension for local hired foreigners 
4 HR Operations   
  • Identify and suggest improvements to administration processes and procedures. 
  • Assist Co-ordinator/ managers with the implementation of new administrative processes and procedures within the team.                    
  • Ensures documentation/data/information and tasks relevant to the individual are planned, evaluated and processed in accordance with local business requirements and agreed deadlines

Technical/Professional Qualifications/Requirements: 
  • Good HR knowledge and master of company policies 
  • Fluent in both English and Chinese Communication Minimum of 3 years experiences as in the related field with good expertise in the areas of responsibilities. 
  • Needs to be culturally sensitive in supporting people initiatives/solutions Skilled in communication internally and externally. 
  • Cautious, detailed oriented and able to answer questions after careful consideration and aligning the supervisor and the HR team.
  • Analytical skills and able to generate analytical and statistical report with the guideline from the supervisor. 
  • A Proactive, enthusiastic and committed team player.             





About LR/劳氏船级社(中国)有限公司
Safety has been at the heart of our work since 1760 and we invest our time, money and resources to fulfil Lloyd’s Register’s mission: to protect life and property and advance transportation and engineering education and research. Through our impartial advice, broader knowledge, deeper experience and closer relationships we help ensure a safer world.

We provide independent assurance to companies operating high-risk, capital-intensive assets in the energy and transportation sectors, to enhance the safety of life, property and the environment. This helps our clients to create safe, responsible and sustainable supply chains.

The Lloyd’s Register Group is one of the world leaders in assessing business processes and products to internationally recognised standards. The standards are either those of major independent bodies or ones that we have developed ourselves. From design and new build to in-service operations and decommissioning, we aim to deliver complete lifecycle and risk management solutions to help ensure the safety, integrity and operational performance of assets and systems.

Our clients are typically managing large-scale, high-value assets where the cost of mistakes can be very high, both financially and in terms of the impact on local communities and the environment. In such a setting, organisations need advice and support they can trust.