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- help team technician operate system for fitting/size set validation & updating 

- Fitting photo shooting & upload to systerm  

- Support for basic style sample measuring 

Candidate profile request: 

- Textile or garment education background 

- Can work 4 days per week 

- Basic English level, good computer skill


ERAM Team World

Ⅰcompany profile

Group ERAM is a French company Located in western France. Founded in 1927, with more than 80 years history. Group ERAM is one of the leading European retailers of shoes and apparel. It has almost 2000 chain stores and brand stores. Main products are Shoes, Garment and Accessories. In 2013, Its turnover is 1.72 billion Euros, it sold more than 40 million pairs of shoe and 70 million items of garment. It operates in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal and other European countries in all market sectors.

ERAM Team World is the Asian Buying Office of Group ERAM. Team World Limited, founded in 2001, joined the Group ERAM in 2008 as its Asian Buying Office.

We are in charge of purchasing all kinds of products to serve its 2000 shops. Our responsibility is to spread culture of headquarter, develop new products, track orders and ensure quality. Our purchasing area is involved in Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and etc.

We insist the Core Value of Dedicate, Harmony, Agility, Passion, Perseverance and Integrity. To be the most professional and respectable international enterprise in fashion field, Bring each family fashion, comfort and taste, make the world more healthy, honest and happy.

ERAM Team World makes great efforts to build long term developing employment relationship with staff, initiate the humanized management philosophy of “Happy work, Happy life”, provide a beauty working environment and developing platform for all staff.

Our company is growing fast, we welcome outstanding talent to join us.

Ⅱ Training and developing

Comprehensive and systematic training system, smoothly channel promotion, making all staff be a better one in ETW constantly.

1. New employees training: Training every new comer about department business, company profile, computer skill, finance system etc.

2. Professional training: professional knowledge like shoes, garment, finance and shipping etc.

3. Language training: including English and French

4. Generic skills training: communication skill, negotiate skill, time manage, office software etc.

5. Caring training: parents class, health chair, safety awareness

6. E-learning: offer for every staff

7. Management training: provide comprehensive and systematic training for every new management, having management meeting every year for discussing developing project.

Ⅲ cultural activity

1. Activity: annual travel, year-end dinner, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, monthly birthday party and gift.

2. Game: badminton, table tennis, billiards, basketball, English lecture etc.

3. public benefit activity: pay a visit to children welfare association, gerocomium, take part in the activity in Hope Primary School, planting trees, light disk activity.

In ETW, we learn together, work together, celebrate the birthday together, travel together. The most important is we will progress together, growing together!

   If you want to know more about us, move your fingers and scan the two-dimension code below, or search Wechat HNYSJY “添世之窗”.

More information focus our official website : www.groupe-eram.fr/en/





ERAM Team World

Ⅰcompany profile
Group ERAM is a French company Located in western France. Founded in 1927, with more than 80 years history. Group ERAM is one of the leading European retailers of shoes and apparel. It has almost 2000 chain stores and brand stores. Main products are Shoes, Garment and Accessories. In 2013, Its turnover is 1.72 billion Euros, it sold more than 40 million pairs of shoe and 70 million items of garment. It operates in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal and other European countries in all market sectors.
ERAM Team World is the Asian Buying Office of Group ERAM. Team World Limited, founded in 2001, joined the Group ERAM in 2008 as its Asian Buying Office.
We are in charge of purchasing all kinds of products to serve its 2000 shops. Our responsibility is to spread culture of headquarter, develop new products, track orders and ensure quality. Our purchasing area is involved in Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and etc.
We insist the Core Value of Dedicate, Harmony, Agility, Passion, Perseverance and Integrity. To be the most professional and respectable international enterprise in fashion field, Bring each family fashion, comfort and taste, make the world more healthy, honest and happy.
ERAM Team World makes great efforts to build long term developing employment relationship with staff, initiate the humanized management philosophy of “Happy work, Happy life”, provide a beauty working environment and developing platform for all staff.
Our company is growing fast, we welcome outstanding talent to join us.
Ⅱ Training and developing
Comprehensive and systematic training system, smoothly channel promotion, making all staff be a better one in ETW constantly.
1.    New employees training: Training every new comer about department business, company profile, computer skill, finance system etc.
2.    Professional training: professional knowledge like shoes, garment, finance and shipping etc.
3.    Language training: including English and French
4.    Generic skills training: communication skill, negotiate skill, time manage, office software etc.
5.    Caring training: parents class, health chair, safety awareness
6.    E-learning: offer for every staff
7.    Management training: provide comprehensive and systematic training for every new management, having management meeting every year for discussing developing project.
Ⅲ cultural activity
1.    Activity: annual travel, year-end dinner, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, monthly birthday party and gift.
2.    Game: badminton, table tennis, billiards, basketball, English lecture etc.
3.    public benefit activity: pay a visit to children welfare association, gerocomium, take part in the activity in Hope Primary School, planting trees, light disk activity.

In ETW, we learn together, work together, celebrate the birthday together, travel together. The most important is we will progress together, growing together!
   If you want to know more about us, move your fingers and scan the two-dimension code below, or search Wechat HNYSJY “添世之窗”.

More information focus our official website : www.groupe-eram.fr/en/