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Safety Intern / 生产安全实习生


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上海-金山区  |  无需经验  |  本科  |  招1人  |  07-03发布




Objectives of the Position

  • 负责整个运营部门(生产和工程维修)的EHS管理,力争实现安全无事故的长远目标
  • Responsible for the EHS management of whole operation department (manufacturing, engineering and maintenance. Try to achieve the long-term objective of zero LTI
  • 通过日常的巡查,与生产和工程维修管理人员合作,监督督促员工和外委人员遵守EHS相关规定,跟踪整改发现问题,确保EHS的要求在运营部得到了完全实施和保持;
  • To make sure that all EHS requirements are implemented in operation and improved continuously by routine inspection, cooperation with management people of manufacturing and E&M, supervising employees and contractors, tracking the correction of nonconformity findings

Main Tasks

  • 组织运营部员工并参与各生产和维修岗位的风险评估,对于识别出来的潜在的安全、环保和健康危害制定预防纠正,在得到公司管理层确认后进行整改;
  • Organizing the risk assessment for all posts of manufacturing and maintenance by employees and himself involvement. To define the countermeasures of found potential risks and implemented after gated approval from company management
  • 参与对新项目、改造项目的MOC讨论,并根据讨论结果完成MOC文件;对现有的产品,设备,工艺进行回顾,分析潜在的危害和不符合的生产过程和技术要求,加以改进;
  • Participating the discussion of Management of Change (MOC) for new projects and revamping projects; preparing MOC documents afterwards. To analyze the potential risk and nonconformity process and technical specifications of existing products, equipment and process and correct.
  • 根据EHS部门和运营部的培训要求,组织并实施相关的培训,并通过抽查、书面答卷等有效方式检查培训效果;
  • Organizing and executing EHS training according to the training request of EHS and Operation departments. To prove the effectiveness of training by spot questioning and quiz paper.
  • 负责新员工入职后的EHS培训并跟踪监督其整个培训计划,并落实师徒制;
  • Responsible for EHS training and follow up of whole training plan of new comers. Tracking the implementation of mentor for new comers.
  • 负责准备和接受所有与运营部EHS相关的内外部评审,并对提出的改进建议进行跟踪和整改;
  • Preparing and receiving all internal and external EHS audit to Operation department. Following up all findings are corrected timely.
  • 组织运营部发生的EHS事故调查,分析和整改措施的跟踪落实;进行许可证的管理必要时签发相关许可证;监督槽车卸料符合要求;
  • Responsible for the accident investigation and corrective actions implementation tracking. Managing the work permits and release the special ones. Supervising the conformity of tank truck unloading.
  • 对工程维修的施工单位进行EHS管理、培训、监督跟踪EHS措施的落实,确保施工安全无事故;
  • Be responsible for EHS management, training, supervision, action follow up of contractors.
  • 支持协助生产计划员安排生产,必要时分析生产安排的合理性及有效性;
  • To support the planner for production management. Analyze the reasonability and effective of planning if necessary.
  • 完成上级交代的其它任务
  • To complete other task requested by the supervisor
  • EHS Responsibilities: see attached Job EHS Responsibility Description

Minimum Education and Qualification Required for the Position

Education:本科以上,化工专业优先 Bachelor or above, chemical background preferred


Technical & Professional Knowledge:

    熟悉风险评估和控制、事故调查、防火防爆知识、变更管理控制等;工作许可证管理、承包商管理 familiar risk  assessment and control, accident investigation, MOC, work permits management, contractor  management







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