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Job Descriptions

1. Assist with department daily work, including copying, translation, documents preparation and basic supporting works.

2. Record, submit and track expense reports.

3. Support on hiring process, including arranging interviews, onsite interview guidance and etc.

4. Assist employees’ on-board and off-board process.

5. Book and coordinate meeting rooms.

6. Support on departmental events scheduling, logistics preparation and event facilitation per request.

7. Provide the secretarial and general support when needed, e.g. air/train tickets/hotel reservation, visitor reception and etc.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree, major in English, administration and etc.
2. Dependable and could work in details; with effective problem-solving skills and be able to work under pressure.

3. Have good communication skills, willing to learn and good at dealing with multi-tasks.
4. At least 3 full days a week.

职能类别: 行政专员/助理





On October 31, 2005, Pfizer announced the official opening of China Research and Development Center (CRDC) in Shanghai. Pfizer Global Research and Development’s Center is mainly engaged in drug development activities. Much of the facility's capacity is devoted to the study design, data management and statistical analysis of global phase I-IV clinical trials, as well as the clinical study report process. In addition, CRDC is a part of Pfizer global Safety and Risk Management and covers the functions of safety data processing and assessment. The center also trains Pfizer employees in China and throughout the Asia region in internationally recognized Good Clinical Practice standards.