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Job Description职位描述 
Job Title:
Location: Shanghai
Vacancy No: 1
Department: Aerospace
Requisition Number: 


Liebherr-Aerospace introduction:


In the Aerospace domain, Liebherr supplies aircraft air management, flight control and actuation systems, hydraulic and landing gears systems. Our systems are on board of many aircraft programs: Commercial transport aircraft, commuter and regional aircraft, business jets, fighters, military transport, trainer aircraft as well as civil and military helicopters.


Aircraft are equipped with several systems that process and accommodate air through all usages needed aboard. Among those systems are to be found in particular for air management:


  • Engine bleed air

  • Air conditioning

  • Cabin pressure control 

  • Ventilation control 

  • Wing and nacelle anti-ice

  • Additional cooling of avionics, galleys and hydraulics  

  • Humidification and dryer

    Liebherr-Aerospace in China:

    Over 10 years, Liebherr-Aerospace has developed in China an engineering team to support on-going programs, and new acquisitions:  


  • Business development & marketing support for Liebherr-Aerospace  

  • Development, liaison engineering and support to Final Assembly line activities at the customer (COMAC, Airbus …) facilities (or at local Liebherr facility) in China, for Liebherr-Aerospace.

  • Designs follow up on Integrated Air Systems, Landing Gear Systems and Flight Control Systems for developments in China: COMAC C919, ARJ-21 Aircraft development program…  

  • This supporting team is part of Liebherr Machinery Service (Shanghai) and located in Shanghai, Nanjing & Xian.

  • The main tasks as the Operation Engineer will be:  

  • Collect engineering inputs from Liebherr France and present technical requirements to the suppliers; 

  • Participate to meetings and conference call between Liebherr France and suppliers to ensure a good technical cooperation;  

  • Review action lists and projects lists with the suppliers, and follow up actions;  

  • To introduce Liebherr France industrialization requirements to supplier and implement the supplier’s compliance;  

  • Follow-up the products manufacturing of the suppliers;

  • Support the monitoring and quality and/or industrialization audit to sub-tier suppliers 

  • Ensure the quality control of the products of the suppliers on site of Suppliers facilities and before delivery to customers;

  • To monitor and periodically audit LIEBHERR properties (tooling and components) which will be provided to suppliers

  • Other tasks to be assigned by superiors.


Key Accountabilities主要职责:


1.     To work with Field Service Representatives to do technical analysis for airline and COMAC customers


2.     Update customers profile, such as: fleet status, component removal data,etc.


3.     Work together with FSRs to do repair expertise.


4.     Compile and analyze reliability data for incorporation into the reliability program – initiate reliability alert.


5.     Help team members to prepare report for customers visit


6.     Help product support team organize customer service event.


Key Experiences and any Qualifications职位主要经验和技能要求


  1. Engineering degree (Mechanical / Electronic / Industrial, Aerospace or Aeronautical)






Liebherr was founded in 1949 by Mr. Hans Liebherr and is today a group of more than 150 companies on every continent of the world employing a workforce of around 41,000 people. All over the world, the Liebherr name stands for a technically advanced, benefit-oriented products and services.
Liebherr Machinery Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise wholly invested by Liebherr Group, founded in July 2000 in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It is mainly engaged in the sales of Libeherr products in Chinese Market and provision of high-quality after-sale service, spare parts and product maintenance, etc.

The Company now is mainly focusing on hydraulic and wheel excavators, loaders, dozers and mining equipments; crawler and mobile cranes; Gear Machines and engineering and machinery components; aircraft equipments. In 2014, the Company specially established a maintenance team for aircraft products and obtained relevant maintenance license.

利勃海尔家族企业由汉斯利勃海尔在1949年建立。公司的***台移动式、易装配、价格适中的塔式起重机获得巨大的成功,成为公司蓬勃发展的基础。今天,利勃海尔不仅是世界建筑机械的领先制造商之一,它还是被众多领域客户认可的技术创新产品及服务供应商。多年以来,家族企业已经发展成为目前的集团公司,拥有大约 41000名员工,在各大洲成立了 150 余家公司。



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