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Job Description:

1. This position provides materials support and leadership during the engineering design, execution, and/or commissioning phase(s) of one or more projects. 

2. Working with minimal supervision, this position identifies material needs, expedites suppliers’ documentation (drawings, reports, etc) requirements, manages materials database, expedites materials, and communicates material status to project team. 

3. Develops initiates and coordinates project materials, suppliers’ documentation and procurement 

4. Expedite Orders and attempt to resolve/correct any projected late deliveries

5. Advises project manager on prioritization of materials and suppliers’ documentation

6. Independently makes decisions on material and suppliers’ documentation delivery and impact on schedule and advises project manager

7. Leads efforts to resolve project materials and suppliers’ documentation issues 

8. Using independent judgment and discretion, investigates problems and requirements of projects and develops and implements appropriate solutions  

9. Generates information that will keep the project team, transportation, fabricators and construction informed of material and suppliers’ documentation and delivery statuses.

10. Alerts team members of any deviations or other problems that may impact project cost and schedule effectiveness. 

11. Working closely with the project manager and other team members, lead the project team in all issues related to material and suppliers’ documentation management, to improve overall project cost & schedule effectiveness

12. Quickly learns and applies new concepts, skills and knowledge to assigned tasks. Update weekly reports accurately with expediting information

13. Expedite and ensure the delivery of material/equipment is fabricated in accordance with the contractual obligations 

14.  Analyze the manufacturing planning and review on a regular basis suppliers’ progress and prepare expediting reports to keep the project team informed

15. Track orders from initial request through to final delivery


  1. Education/Experience/Skills:Degree in Logistics or International Trading majors, Prior Logistics internship or co-op experience is preferred.

  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, specifically Excel.

  3. Minimum 2-3 years previous expediting experience.

  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  5. Proven ability to prioritize activities.







林德公众有限公司(Linde plc)是全球领先的工业气体和工程公司,2018年销售额预计为280亿美元(240亿欧元)。林德在全球拥有约8万名员工,为百余个国家的客户提供产品和服务。公司致力为客户提供创新和可持续性的解决方案,并为所有利益相关方创造长远价值。秉持“精益丰产,惠泽全球”的使命,林德以其产品、技术和服务,在当今这个互联互通的世界帮助客户提升经济与环境效益。


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