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外资(欧美)  |  150-500人  |  电子技术/半导体/集成电路





Montage Technology, one of the leading fabless semiconductor company, is committed to providing high-performance IC based solutions for cloud computing and artificial intelligent (AI) markets. Dedicated for more than 10 years in the memory interface technology, the company is able to deliver high-speed, large-capacity memory buffer solutions of DDR2 to DDR4 to meet the growing demand in data centers. Montage’s invention of DDR4 fully buffered “1+9” distributed architecture is adopted by JEDEC as an international standard, and its related products have successfully entered the industry mainstream memory, server and cloud computing fields and served the majority of the global market.

Since 2016, Montage has been cooperating with Intel and Tsinghua University to develop Jintide CPU. A high-performance Jintide server platform combining Jintide CPU with Montage's hybrid security memory module (HSDIMM) has been launched. The platform has realized real-time security monitoring function at silicon level and can play an important role in the information security field. This architecture also incorporates advanced heterogeneous processing and interconnect technologies for future AI and big data applications, which provides strong support of comprehensive data processing and computing power for various applications in the AI era.

Established in 2004, Montage Technology is headquartered in Shanghai and has branches in Kunshan, Macao, Silicon Valley of USA and Seoul of South Korea.


公司地址:上海市宜山路900号科技大楼A座6楼 (邮编:200233)




系统应用工程师 System Application Engineer (PMIC)

5-7年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 1.5-3万/月 10-16

系统验证工程师 System Verification Engineer (UVM)

2年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 15-30万/年 10-16

销售经理 Sales Manager (CPU/服务器)

本科 上海-徐汇区 2-5万/月 10-16

Senior Application Engineer

2年经验 | 本科 | 招2人 上海-徐汇区 1-2万/月 10-16

Product Manager (Firmware)

5-7年经验 | 本科 上海-徐汇区 2-2.5万/月 10-16

Product Manager(Hardware)

8-9年经验 | 本科 上海-徐汇区 2-2.5万/月 10-16

AI软件工程师 (AI Compiler)

无工作经验 | 本科 上海-徐汇区 1.5-3万/月 10-16

Digital Design Engineer (AI)

3-4年经验 | 本科 | 招3人 上海-徐汇区 35-50万/年 10-16

Senior/Staff Digital Design Engineer (AI)

8-9年经验 | 本科 | 招3人 上海-徐汇区 40-70万/年 10-16


无工作经验 | 大专 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 4.5-6千/月 10-16

Staff Analog Design Engineer (DFE/CDR)

硕士 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 2-5万/月 10-16


无工作经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 2-5万/月 10-16

财务助理 Finance Assistant (应届生)

无工作经验 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 5-8千/月 10-16

法务助理 (实习生) Legal Assistant (Intern)

无工作经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 4-8千/月 10-16


1年经验 | 本科 上海-徐汇区 0.8-1万/月 10-16

客户服务专员 Customer Service Specialist

3-4年经验 | 本科 上海-徐汇区 0.6-1万/月 10-16

市场专员 Marketing Specialist

1年经验 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 0.8-1.5万/月 10-16


2年经验 | 本科 上海-徐汇区 1-2万/月 10-16

Software Engineer 软件工程师 (AI)

1年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 1.5-3万/月 10-16

产品工程师 Product Engineer

1年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-徐汇区 1.5-3万/月 10-16