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Application Specialist


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* 微电子/物理/化学/化学工程/材料/或其他相关专业硕士或以上学位

* 对IC行业工艺和设备有良好的理解

* 熟练掌握excel, word, power point 等办公常用软件

* 良好的沟通,管理能力

* 熟练的口头和书写英语

* 能掌控项目的进度

* 勤奋,自我督促,有纪律

* 强烈推荐3年以上工作经验


* MS or above in Micro-Electronics/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering/ Materials/ and other related engineering.

* Good Knowledge in IC manufacture process or device characteristics.

* Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Skills using EXCEL, WORD, Power Point etc.

* Good interpersonal communication and management skills.

* Fluently in English reading and writing.

* Capability to own a project.

* Diligent, Self-driven & disciplined

* 3+ years Working experience will be highly recommended

Responsibilities & Duties:

* Supply on-site application support to Nova’s End Users in CMP, CVD, Ltihography and Etch process groups.

* Solve application problems forwarded by End Users, Territorial application manager and Nova Technical Support Specialists in a timely manner.

* Reach/develop a good working relationship with Nova customers and Nova Employees.

* Train & update customers, fellow Application Specialist and other Nova Employees in application related issues

* Help End Users and Nova Employees identify hardware problems which cause application issues.

* Maintain a high level of knowledge of the semiconductor industry, including future changes and trends

* Remain involved and up-to-date with new applications and products

* Perform demonstrations and presentations to Nova customers

* Help in developing new and current applications in close coordination with LTD or other subsidiaries.

* Coordinate all job activities with the Territorial application manager.

* Maintain proper reporting methods for all job activities as defined by the Territorial and/or AP Application Manager.

* Attend weekly Application Tele-conferences and quarterly meet-up conferences with the Application Team in Asia Pacific.

Sales Support:

* Provide sales support and sales related information.

* Collaborate with sales on customer on site evaluations

* Whenever requested, assist pre-sales activities as needed. (Demo, Technical presentations, etc.).

* Assist Nova’s OEM partners and sales people in demonstrating Nova’s system capabilities to potential customers.

Customer Relations:

* Be familiar with customer operating methods, procedures, and policy.

* Adhere to customers’ site policies and guidelines with regard to performance and behavior.

* Maintain customers’ information with the utmost confidentiality.

* When in doubt, always verify with and obtain approval from the proper customer authority prior to taking any action.

* Be polite, cordial, considerate, and respectful when communicating with customers.

* Report to customer site at the time specified and depart at the predetermined approved time. However, be prepared to support the customer beyond the customary daily work hours as required.





纳视电子科技成立于 2003 年,致力于提供高端半导体行业芯片测量设备、失效分析设备、成品测试设备及相应技术支持服务,是原产于美国 , 以色列、日本 、德国、马来西亚 等多家全球知名半导体芯片制造设备供应商在中国区的独家代理。


美国 Focused Test Inc. ( FTI ) 功率 / 分立器件测试仪

美国 QFI. 微光分析显微镜

以色列 Qualitau Inc. 多通道半导体参数测试仪 、及硅片工艺可靠性测试仪

以色列 NOVA Measuring Instrument 半导体硅片制造高精度测量系统

日本 Nippon Scientific Co. (NSC) 塑封器件自动开封机 / 干法芯片级刻蚀系统

德国 / 美国 Cascade Inc 分析探针台 /MEMS/LED 测试探针台,以及真空 / 超低温 / 超高温测试探针台

美国 Test solution Corp. 测试头运动支撑系统

马来西亚 Vis-Dynamics 芯片外观检测编带系统

美国EG Systems, 高精度全自动探针测试台

我们专业的销售和服务团队的业务范围遍及全中国,在上海,北京,合肥,成都,武汉,大连,无锡设有售后服务点与中芯国际,华虹 NEC ,和舰科技,芯源系统,英特尔 等多家芯片加工厂有密切业务合作,同时也为中科院下属各研究所提供专业的芯片测试服务。

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